They were the envy of all who knew them: Ted, the bestselling author, and his wife, Grace, a food editor and on the board of a home for abused women. They lived in Sneden’s Landing, near Manhattan, in a gorgeous home sometimes featured in magazines.

But behind closed doors, there were cracks in the façade that showed up in the form of Ted’s temper and in Grace’s vulnerability. A vulnerability based on her fear of turning into her mentally ill mother, a secret she has carefully kept for years.

When Ted’s beloved assistant Ellen leaves to go stay with her sick mother, they hire Beth, who comes to them with high recommendations…or so they think.

What happens next is the stuff of nightmares. Will everything in Grace’s world crumble around her before the nightmare ends? Why is everything turning upside down? Why is the psychiatrist Ted recommended saying such impossible things to her? And how will she finally save herself before her life is over?

Will going home to her native England help her sort out her life and discover the truth? Will Lydia, the mother figure she has cherished from her past, help her sort things out?

A page-turner that I could not put down, Saving Grace aroused every imaginable emotion and then some, and even as I suspected some of what might be going on long before any of the characters did, that fact did not in any way detract from my enjoyment. I was totally engaged and loved the characters of Grace, Sybil, and Lydia…and loathed both Ted and Beth.

The settings of the homes and their décor also drew me in, as I love visualizing the scenes in the books I read. Jane Green has really done it with this one, in my opinion. Her fans, as well as any readers who love drama that touches on mental health issues, will love this book.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy were the recipes after several of the chapters. For foodies, however, those could be a plus. 4.0 stars.


  1. thebookdate

    Hmm I have only read one Jane Green and didn’t like it – can’t remember what it was! However I think this sounds like I would like it and I do enjoy reading books with mental health issues. So will add it to my wish list!


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