20821323When Allison Parker and her ten-year-old son Logan leave Manhattan eleven years after her husband’s tragic death, she is hoping to start fresh. Find a new perspective.

The house she finds seems perfect, and it is close to the one owned by her parents, who provide a great support network.

At one of the first school events, however, Allison runs into an old friend: her husband’s best friend Charlie Crane. And with Charlie comes his wife Charlotte, who is a little less than friendly. Charlotte has her own issues of insecurity and her marriage has hit a bumpy path. Plus, her daughter Gia, also ten, is difficult. And probably spoiled.

What will happen when these old and new friends begin to mix? How will Charlotte’s posh friends, Sabrina and Missy, fit into this new arrangement? And then, what will alter everything for Charlotte when her challenging sister Elizabeth instantly connects with Allison?

I found myself rooting for both Allison and Charlotte, but at times, I threw up my hands at Charlotte’s inability to see through her “mean girl” mommy friends. Elizabeth grew on me, especially after seeing her through Allison’s eyes.

A wonderful story of friendship, marriage, and the strains that tug at the newly forming bonds and threaten to sever old bonds, When We Fall was an unputdownable read for me. The ending came a little too swiftly for me; I would have enjoying seeing the unfolding conflicts play out instead of being “told” what happened after the inevitable explosion. However, the story was delightful and fans of family and friendship dramas will enjoy it. 4.0 stars.


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