Welcome to my interior world.  As you enter my living and dining room, you are likely to see an assortment of collections, like the ones on my assorted shelves (above).

I am the first to admit that I have gone a little crazy with the collecting over the years, but this past week has been one of really taking another look at everything.  I have been clearing out drawers, closets, trunks, etc., and that quest has extended into my garage, where I have tackled those see-through bins that contain various collections.  But it was the paperwork I was after this week.  Sorting, shredding, etc.  Read about it at Curl up and Read, My Bookish (and Not So Bookish) Thoughts.

The next logical step was to do something about my books.  Yes, those.  At my Weekend Potpourri:  Abandoning the Old Rules, I made a big decision.  I decided to stop participating in my Mt. TBR Challenge, even though I was only four books short of completing it.

Why?  Because none of the remaining books (purchased before 2014) engaged me at all!  There were only nine more of those books, and rather than spend one more day trying to struggle through any of them, I am stacking them in the box for the collection drive.

Turning my attention to my newer books, I am pleased to report that my print volumes are few in number, and half of them were contest wins, so I didn’t purchase that many of these (see below, on the middle stacks, for purchased books); the stack on the far right includes books I purchased to reread:



It is a different story on Sparky (my Kindle).  I have gone a little nuts downloading those books this year.  I did finish all the ones from prior years.



Although I have read a few of the e-books I purchased this year, when I counted up the ones remaining, I was stunned!  Sixty-seven e-books remain!

So it’s a good thing I am going to turn my attention to these books, and have decided to give up challenges.  Now I can do something radical:  something I have been longing to do.  Read whatever my heart desires!

Have you ever done anything like this?  I know that I’ve read that some of you have given up purchasing books at all, using only the library.  I’m not ready for that yet.  But who knows what could happen?



  1. When I do a challenge I never commit particular books, I just read them and then see if they fit somewhere in a challenge! There are so many great books, I think we should only read what draws us. Good luck with all those books on Sparky, it is so easy to stack up those e-books, they add up before you know!
    I am looking forward to next year when I am going to have a throw out too!


    • When I started the purging project and then decided to change how I read, I was a little anxious about it. But then as I wrote about my plan, it all came together for me in a way that seemed to free me. Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and good luck with your throw out as well.


  2. Good for you for Fall cleaning. As for TBR piles, and Nook/kindle/audible downloads I have thoughtfully decided I shall never read them all..but will die with a smile surrounded by hoards of books. I did declare December “Finish series/trilogies and tbr month”


    • I have decided that I won’t worry too much about the e-books, safely tucked into my Kindle. But I am eager to read as many as I can! And yes, die with a smile. Thanks for stopping by, Kimba.

      My daughter has just moved into her first home of her own since the end of her marriage…and she is coming to take some of my stuff, thus helping me with my purging while helping her set up house.


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