915Xy8yqUhL._SL1500_As I entered the world of writer/house-sitter Lila Emerson, I felt as though I were there, seeing the world through her eyes. She shares her surroundings through great visual descriptions, and her inner thoughts accompany us on our tour.

And she literally views the world around her through binoculars, by gazing at the windows in neighboring apartment buildings.

Her latest “job” is in a luxury apartment in New York, and just as I was getting cozy with Lila and her world as shown to the reader, she witnessed a murder in a very frightening way.

Drawn into the intrigue, after talking to the police, she accidentally meets Ashton Archer, an artist, and the brother of one of the victims. He is gorgeous, of course, and the chemistry between the two is immediate. Luckily, they are connected to some of the same people, so she isn’t nervous about getting to know him better. His wealth and resources help move them along toward their goals.

The Collector is a page-turning suspense story that leads the characters through the twisted world of a very dangerous group of people, and as we try to anticipate what will happen next, we are surprised again and again. Ash and Lila meet with people who help them discover who is behind the killings, and they already have met the hired assassin on a few occasions. At the heart of it all is a fabulous art find that is driving the criminals to take everything to the highest level. Who will win in this dangerous escapade, and what must Ash and Lila do to end the game? A somewhat predictable, yet enticing read. 4.0 stars.


  1. Sounds inviting; especially with your feel in, “she literally views the world around her through binoculars, by gazing at the windows in neighboring apartment buildings.”

    I’d like to be nosy and peep into her neighborhood with her ha ha!



  3. Teddyree

    I agree with this one being a bit predictable, maybe even a little implausible. The Witness is by far my favourite but once again Julia Whelan does a great job with the narration.


    1. I have never listened to an audiobook….the only time I’m tempted is if a celebrity book is narrated by the celebrity…Just not a fan of audio.

      But I agree about the elements of The Collector…and The Witness is my favorite, too. Thanks for stopping by, Teddyree.


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