18240246Baby love could be the defining theme of Until You’re Mine: A Novel, as we enter the world of women questing after babies, despite difficulties and challenges. And then there are those who do not really want the babies, but see them as a means to an end.

Our story is alternately narrated in the first person voices of Claudia Morgan-Brown, a social worker, a wife, a stepmother, and now a pregnant want-to-be mother, and the woman she hires as a nanny, Zoe Harper.

A third-person narration follows the investigations of DI Lorraine Fisher and DI Adam Scott, partners, as well as husband and wife. They are hoping to solve the strange murders of pregnant women whose babies are seemingly cut out of them. In the background are the intense dynamics of their family issues, with two teenaged daughters chomping at the bit.

As we sift through these stories, it is possible to think you have everything figured out, with the good and the bad sorted, but just when you think you know what is happening, you will be stunned.

Other characters added an interesting twist to the tale, like Cecelia Paige, who has some connection to Zoe Harper…who may not really be Zoe Harper.

Set in England, near Birmingham, we are caught up in the twisted lives of these characters, and not until the very end does it all come together. A unique psychological suspense tale that kept me turning those pages and staying up late to keep reading. 5.0 stars.


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