Emily and Maggie met as children on Nantucket Island. Maggie lived there year-round, while Emily came for the summers. They were so close that they called themselves Nantucket Sisters: A Novel.

Ben, Maggie’s brother, is two years older, and Emily has had a crush on him since childhood.

Slowly, over the years, we watch as time and life changes them. Maggie goes away to college, and so does Emily, but to different universities, their paths only crossing occasionally. Emily’s relationship with Ben becomes deeper over time, but their differences seemingly pull them apart.

As they reach adulthood, forces consume them, and compromise seems impossible. What secrets and betrayals stand between them? Can anything repair the broken ties?

Maggie’s desire to be a writer keeps her connected to the island, and Emily’s passion for the environment also connects her to that world. Will they finally discover how to resurrect what they’ve lost? What tragedies happen to ultimately reunite them? And what secrets will remain between them?

As the author’s prose painted pictures of the setting and the people, it all seemed like a gift to be unwrapped slowly. I loved the author’s descriptions of the island, from the homes to the waves against the shore. The parties seemed to invite me in, welcoming me as if I were in attendance. But what truly engaged me was the strength of friendship in spite of mistakes and the knowledge that even broken trust can be repaired. The ending was triumphant and a bit predictable, but heart-warming. 4.5 stars.


  1. I can’t wait to read this one, love the cover and title and love your comment “… a gift to be unwrapped slowly.” And I love stories about the strength of friendship … can’t go wrong really 🙂


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