I knew that staying up late and watching movies with disturbing elements would be a bad idea.  But even when I don’t do that, sometimes my dreams feel like a collision of past, present, and the nightmarish elements of both.

Last night’s dream started out strangely, to say the least.  I was hassling with the bank over my card, which was repeatedly destroyed by the ATM machines I used.

As I meandered through endless lines, I stumbled upon a group of children, looking lost.

Now I am starting to see the past inserting itself into the present, in a nightmarish fashion, as I try to deal with both troubling situations at once….and, of course, handling everything very badly.

I was all too happy to awaken, even though neither situation in my dream life had been resolved, and I couldn’t wait to leap out of bed.




There were just enough “real” elements in those strange dreams to be disturbing, but with twists and turns that were unlike any “real life” experiences I had had.  Like repeatedly trying to persuade the bank officials that their cards were defective…or their ATM machines.  And hoping to find a suitable foster parent for the four lost children, without actually talking to the potential parent first.  Something that would never happen in the real world I inhabited for so many years.

Obviously I have some unresolved issues with that world…and I’m not sure why the bank card issue inserted itself into my dream.  I have NEVER had a bank card “eaten” by an ATM machine!  LOL

Do you try to make sense of weird dreams, or do you just shake your head and laugh at how ridiculous the mind works?

What I know for sure (yes, an Oprah-like remark!), is that my thoughts and behavior before sleep are destroying my dreams…and perhaps I can do something about that.

Meditating?  Yoga?  Warm milk or tea?







- tea


What do you do to make your sleep life uneventful, or free from disturbing dreams?




  1. I frequently have poor sleep patterns partially due to physical discomfort at night pulling me out of deep sleep. But I do have my share of nightmares when I dream and they seem (though I know this isn’t true) to go on and on for hours, like watching a movie. I have tried different remedies, nothing prevents them… except perhaps watching a feel good movie/reading an inspirational book before sleep.

    To be an armchair analyst, I would say that your career in social work is making you concerned about the children in the dream, though only you know what they actually represents, and the chewed up atm cards represents concerns about financial issues. Of course it could just be an aspect of a book or movie that is lingering in the back of your mind, lol.


    • I think you’ve nailed it about the issues in my dreams…I hadn’t thought of the “chewed-up” cards as worry over financial issues, but that is an ever-present worry, so that makes sense. And yes, that social work career (thirty years is a long time!) will never leave me. Those issues show up over and over, although last night’s images were unusual. The four children approached me in the bank, in my dream, which seems really strange. Finances and that career? Oh, yes, with the career, there were fewer financial worries…

      Thanks for stopping by, Rita…love reading your thoughts. Let’s have better dreams tonight!


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