Just who is Eve Dalladay? To Natty, she is an old friend from university days, when the two of them were best friends, a connection seemingly maintained over the years. But is there more to Eve’s story? Natty begins to wonder about that when Eve, like a conniving interloper, inserts herself into the perfect world she has constructed with her husband Sean and their two daughters, Alice and Felicity. How did Eve manage to so quickly seduce Sean into a life together and topple the world that Natty has counted on for all these years?

Secrets, like a sleeping giant who awakens, have a way of coming out. Especially when someone like Eve has a plan and a purpose. And around every corner is a new piece of Eve’s plan, while she innocently watches Natty’s world crumble.

Our story begins when Natty rushes off to France where her daughter Felicity has taken ill and is in critical condition. Eve just happens to be there visiting and offers to stay and help. But soon we learn that Eve’s plan is so much more, and as we watch the train wreck of their lives, emotions are intense and I couldn’t stop turning those pages with bated breath, wondering what new discovery would come next.

Interesting characters include the calm, yet somewhat tricky detective, Joanne Aspinall. What is her story, and how is she somehow connected to this family? Then there is Jackie, Natty’s father’s girlfriend, who is a breath of fresh air, with her directness and advice. As we get to know each character and how they connect, we still have to wonder what happened back during university days, when Natty and Eve first met; and how will something Natty later recalls from that time lead to a pivotal moment near the end of Keep Your Friends Close?

Our first person narrator is Natty, but the perspective alternates between multiple characters, and the pacing and timing of each narrative is designed to intensify the impact of each revelation. A story for all those who enjoy a psychological thriller or a story replete with fascinating and mysterious elements. 5.0 stars.


  1. Loved your thoughts on this one…I hesitated over this book but once I am not “overdue” with Amazon any more…I will grab it…did you get the Samantha Hayes book?


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