Welcome to my Sunday Thoughts…a contemplative journey.  As I plan for the day ahead—brunch at my daughter’s home—I reflect on my world of books and blogging, and how I seemingly disconnect from the “real world” at times.  Some of us call that “living in our heads.”

Then I remind myself that doing what I love is not such a bad thing.  Or is it?  Do I choose this interior world to avoid the exterior one?  Or am I simply enjoying myself?






If I am truly honest, the choice might be a reaction to the hectic exterior world that I lived in for so many years.  Thirty years as a social worker, mixing it up in all kinds of drama—not to mention the high caseloads—might have led to this kind of retreat. 






Don’t I deserve the retreat, though?  Who am I hurting if I become a bit of a hermit?  LOL ..Is the online world dangerous, and am I at risk of truly cutting myself off from the world “out there”?

Most of the time, I don’t believe that.  I feel truly engaged when I connect with other bloggers—people who love books as much as I do.  I feel energized and ready to reconnect with the exterior world after spending time connecting with like-minded individuals.  I don’t find as many of those like-minded people “out there.”  I am willing to engage with them…but I want to limit those connections.

My current WIP is about a retired English teacher who decides to write novels….and becomes addicted to the blogosphere.  What happens to her is a bit drastic, but I think I wrote it as a cautionary tale to myself…


defining moments logo

Defining Moments

What moments in our lives define us? Do our choices determine our future?  When unexpected events derail her life, Jillian McAvoy realizes that she now has an opportunity to carve out a whole new beginning.  But something happens to her along the way that threatens everything she hoped and dreamed about.  How can the obsessions and compulsions that seemingly take over her life lead to her newly redesigned world?

What are your thoughts on this Sunday?  Is our online world a way of avoiding what is out there?  Or is it simply something we do because we love it?  I am sure the answer is different for each of us.

Happy Sunday!







  1. Patty

    I felt the same way…it was so nice to be at home without children tugging at me constantly! I was overjoyed…giddy…to just have time alone…your WIP sounds interesting!


    1. Thanks, Patty…I need to get back to my WIP….it is pretty much ready, but it needs another read…and polish, perhaps. And yes, time alone is wonderful after the tug and pull of those who seemingly clamor for our attention.


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