When the Adler-Harts separate, life changes for the whole family, which includes a son and twin daughters.

Cary moves into a home in the Canyons, while Irene remains with the children in their old family home. Miles, the oldest, is obsessed with what is happening to his parents, so he and his best friend Hector set up an elaborate system that allows them to eavesdrop. They are hoping to learn what is happening to Irene, especially, but what they soon discover about a developing relationship with a stranger from Washington, D.C., will tilt their world on end for years to come.

Casebook: A novel is narrated in Miles’s first person voice, beginning in his early teens and continuing long past the immediate days, weeks, and months following the separation.

What do Miles and Hector learn about Irene’s new romance with the stranger named Eli? How do they discover the ins and outs of the lies and betrayals that follow? And what will their discoveries change about their own life perspectives?

In the beginning, I was annoyed with the boys, and even with Miles’s sisters, whom he called “Boop One” and “Boop Two” throughout the story. They seemed way too preoccupied with their parents’ lives, in a way that was unhealthy, in my opinion.

Later I found myself drawn into how they turned what happened to them into something creative and flourishing in their lives.

A story that zeroes in on the tragedies in families, as well as on the lies and betrayals that cause people to question right and wrong, permanence vs. impermanence. 4.0 stars.


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