Welcome to another Tuesday celebrating bookish events, from Tuesday/First Chapter/Intros, hosted by Bibliophile by the Sea; and Teaser Tuesdays hosted by Should Be Reading.

Today’s spotlight will be on an ARC from Amazon Vine:  No Book but the World, by Leah Hager Cohen, is “a twisty and resonant tale about the price of secrets, the burden of family, the remnants of childhood we never leave behind.” —Megan Abbott, author of The End of Everything and Dare Me18079817


Intro:  I have been too fond of stories.  Fred and me both.  If I were called before a judge, that’s the first thing I’d confess:  how quick I have been to embrace them, stories, with their deplorable tidiness.  Like a bakery box done up too tightly, bound with red-and-white string.

The second thing I’d confess:  how I am responsible for Fred’s fondness, how consequently he would have to be called blameless.

Oh, Fred.  Oh Freddy.


Teaser:  Sometimes I wonder how things might have been different if a grown-up had read us those books.  Might it have had a mediating effect? (p. 19)


Amazon Description:  At the edge of a woods, on the grounds of a defunct “free school,” Ava and her brother, Fred, shared a dreamy and seemingly idyllic childhood—a world defined largely by their imaginations and each other’s presence. Everyone is aware of Fred’s oddness or vague impairment, but his parents’ fierce disapproval of labels keeps him free of evaluation or intervention, and constantly at Ava’s side.

Decades later, then, when Ava learns that her brother is being held in a county jail for a shocking crime, she is frantic to piece together what actually happened. A boy is dead. But could Fred really have done what he is accused of? As she is drawn deeper into the details of the crime, Ava becomes obsessed with learning the truth, convinced that she and she alone will be able to reach her brother and explain him—and his innocence—to the world.

Leah Hager Cohen brings her trademark intelligence to a psychologically gripping, richly ambiguous story that suggests we may ultimately understand one another best not with facts alone, but through our imaginations.


I am eager to dive into this one…full of twists and turns and dark secrets, and mysterious events.  What are you sharing today?



  1. I just got that one, too and I really want it to be awesome….I debated about it because some reviews were not great…but I really wanted to read it!


  2. The cover is awfully pretty, as for the intro, I would have to read a bit more before deciding. Thanks for joining us Laurel and hope you enjoy this one.


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