7093e63514d7908676e4970e6a858fcc_bvcxWhen Austin and Janice Stillman are found murdered in their summer home at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, one of the suspects is Lenny Frost, a former child actor who had been represented by Janice Stillman.

But just when other suspects are brought into focus, Lenny enters a local pub and takes all the customers hostage, demanding that Mac Faraday find the true killer before midnight. Or he will start killing hostages.

From this point on, the plot thickens, twists, and turns, and numerous characters fill up the canvas, making our jaunt fun and puzzling. What, if anything, do the current murders have to do with Lenny’s kidnapping years ago when he was seventeen? Who was involved in that crime, and how does it all somehow make sense at the end of the day? Are there numerous people out to get Lenny, or is he just paranoid?

It is never a simple path to solving mysteries with Mac Faraday, David O’Callaghan, and Archie Monday and associates on the case. The fun is in trying to keep up with their theories and how they will ultimately sort through the clues. Gnarly is a great companion to any mystery in Deep Creek Lake…unless someone has fed him chili.

Another great romp that kept me riveted to the pages, Twelve to Murder: A Mac Faraday Mystery earned 4.5 stars.


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