91Ey0TK4fqL._SL1500_Justin and Libby Denbe are having a date night.

After several months of struggling with their marriage, following Justin’s infidelity, they are trying to put it all back together again.

But Libby has a secret. And so does Justin. And then, before the night is over, the whole family, including Justin, Libby, and teenaged daughter Ashlyn, will be abducted by three men who apparently know secret codes and override codes. They know enough to make everyone trying to solve this case believe that the kidnapping is an inside job.

Tessa Leoni, an investigator hired by Denbe Construction, is a former highway patrol officer who now has chosen the private sector because of her own demons.

When Wyatt Foster enters the case, it is after signs reveal that the kidnappers have taken the hostages north, to New Hampshire. His jurisdiction. The trail goes cold at some point, however, as the GPS device inside Justin’s jacket has been cut out and tossed.

FBI agent Nicole Adams is officially in charge, but all are working together to find out who is behind the kidnapping, and where the victims have been taken.

Will each of their secrets divide them and place them more at risk? Or will they finally pull together, as they all huddle in their “prison” with the abductors? How does the situation take an unexpected twist by a revelation that turns everything into a whole new game?

Touch & Go, narrated alternately by the various law enforcement officers, was also told in the first-person voice of Libby Denbe. I liked this style, as I felt I could see inside each of the officers while they worked to bring the Denbes home; and I could also intimately experience the pain and suffering of the victims through Libby’s perspective as she revealed her thoughts and feelings.

A captivating story that had me rapidly turning pages, guessing who among the close-knit group of insiders could have done this dastardly deed, and then realizing I was off the mark. And then, at the end, the shocking reveal made perfect sense. The author left me feeling a great sense of relief when all the pieces finally fell into place. Definitely recommended for those who love a great suspense tale. Five stars.


  1. Thanks for a great review, I picked up a Lisa Gardner a few years back and I didn’t gel with it and I’ve never tried again. Your review makes me think that I should, it seems to have everything I love in a good suspense novel.


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