Do you feel nostalgic during the days and weeks leading up to Christmas?  Do your thoughts carry you back in time, highlighting your favorite memories?

Today I was writing a brief article about my journey as one member of a group blog entitled Dames of Dialogue.  Due to my numerous other responsibilities, I am bowing out of the group…and when looking back at some of my contributions, I found this article entitled Home for the Holidays, in which I wax nostalgic about my memories of those moments.  Here are some of my opening remarks in the article.  Click the link for the full story.

When we think about home, we are immediately swept away by all kinds of images—emotional ones, to be sure—and they range from nostalgic to other, less positive images.

There are many clichés about home, from “home is where the heart is” to “you can’t go home again.”  We each have a wide range of memories about home, starting with our own childhoods.  Probably the ones that are most familiar are those associated with special events and holidays.

Right now, with Christmas looming, “home for the holiday” themes abound, from the ads we see to the TV movies that strike a nostalgic chord about home.  Those “Norman Rockwell” images used to grace the covers of popular magazines.

My childhood was full of TV families in their homes that came into our own homes, creating an image of home and family— from “Ozzie and Harriet” to less conventional ones, like “The Beverly Hillbillies.”  One such TV family’s existence owed its life to a holiday special about home, which then expanded into a TV series.  Remember the voices calling out in the evening?  “Good-night, John-Boy!”  Of course, you say, “The Waltons”—they became almost an institution, with those homey scenes.  Those poignant tones calling out at the end of the day conjured up nostalgic images.  Even if you never had “home-like” experiences like those.

Some of you missed out on those particular scenes, growing up after shows like that faded away.  But for us “Baby Boomers,” our younger days were replete with these shows.

In my own life, my homes have been varied.  Growing up in a farmhouse surrounded by fields and country roads, I had a different kind of experience from my own children, who lived in all kinds of houses, including apartments and townhouses, as well as suburban ranch style or English Tudor ones.  We even lived for awhile in an A-frame cottage in the foothills.  But in each “home,” their fathers and I brought our own little piece of home into the physical dwellings, and encircled our families with our traditions. (Continue reading).


My holidays this year will be as a guest in my daughter’s home, where her Christmas tree is the kind I remember from earlier years.

Heather, Steven, & Noah's tree

Other favorite holiday moments will center around reading.  I have a pile of books that I hope to enjoy over the next couple of weeks.



And a little mystery is good, too.


Today I’m reading Hush Little Baby, a terrifying story of what happens when a woman finds her life in danger.


If you come back here on January 1, you will discover what my first book of the New Year will be, as part of a challenge created by Book Journey.




  1. I think I remember that post…but I loved reading it again. Enjoy your holiday…books and movies and rest are going to be a big part of ours!


    • Thanks, Patty…I couldn’t believe that it was four years ago that I wrote that piece, right after joining up with the Dames of Dialogue. I just don’t have the time to be doing the interviews, etc., on that blog. But it was fun.


  2. Your Home for the Holidays Dame Dialogues post was awesome but this post is great too. Have a very merry Christmas. I spend my holidays alone with my dogs, sometimes sad but usually not. I love my animal companions and wouldn’t trade them for the world or even traveling to see my family since the doggies can’t come, I don’t go.


  3. I can relate to your post 🙂 We’ll see our kids on the 24th and 25th at various family parties. They all live in the area (but not at our home) so Christmas is different than when they were young. And that’s ok. I hope to catch up on some reading and just enjoy the moments with loved ones. Merry Christmas!


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