17349327Eric and Lacey are having their first baby, and the house hunt has been long and grueling. After the childhood Lacey had, moving around all the time and sometimes living in the car, she has been looking forward to finally having just the right home.

When she sees the dusty rose Cape Cod in the neighborhood they have selected, she is ecstatic. Yes, it is a fixer-upper, but she can visualize it when completed.

So they move in. But unfortunately, things are not going the way they’d hoped. Somewhere in the house is a malevolent presence. It shows itself as a nine-year-old boy named Drew, demanding and jealous, reminding Lacey of the “noisy boys” she used to teach. She thinks she can somehow persuade him to leave her alone. None of it is working.

Meanwhile, Eric works long hours and Lacey is alone a lot. Eric is not very supportive, so she feels more and more isolated.

Starter House: A Novel is a story about mysterious and deadly secrets, and how the beautiful cottage has been the scene of loss and horror. Trying to unravel the stories of the house, Lacey hopes to find peace at last.

But what must happen before the presence leaves them alone? Will Drew leave them alone if they vacate the house? Or will he follow? What does he want?

This was a story that I had a hard time liking, but I kept turning those pages, because I wanted to know what would happen. I did not like Eric, who seemed like a controlling and somewhat whiny man who blamed others for his problems. And Lacey was entirely too patient with Drew…almost wimpy. But who is to know how to handle these paranormal nightmares? I was relieved when the book ended, although I thought the conclusion wrapped up a little too neatly. 3.5 stars.


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