Leaving behind the outward marks of success, the author of Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia committed herself to a year of self-discovery. A journey away from the emotional pain of her divorce and a broken relationship afterwards…toward a spiritual awakening.

She divided the year into increments, beginning in Italy, where she would enjoy the pleasures and sensory experience of eating. And practice her Italian. In India, she lived in an Ashram and devoted herself to the art of meditation, in order to connect with her spirituality. And the final leg of her journey would be in Bali, where she hoped to find balance.

I must admit that I had some fascination for the story, and how devoted the author was to her quest. And I enjoyed following her journey through the months in Italy. The experiences in India bored me…and I could not relate to them, try as I would.

Bali felt a little more like a time of connecting to others, as she helped families and people she met there, and formed lasting relationships.

Sometimes our journeys in life yield just what we need. And sharing them with others can help them. But that didn’t happen for me with this book, which I almost gave up on several times. However, I must say that the book is well-written, and sometimes for several pages in a row, I could engage with it. But not enough to recommend it to anyone other than those who are on a similar quest. Therefore, I’m awarding it three stars.


  1. I loved the movie, but I never got to read the book, which I want to. Your review just reminded me that I need to read the book as well, if only out of curiosity. It’s been sitting on my kindle for a while.


    • Oh, my…the vitriol can definitely take away any enjoyment. I saw some of that vitriol in reviews on Amazon. But there were plenty who enjoyed it, too. I enjoyed Italy and Bali more than India, as I mentioned.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sam, and I am considering reading The Signature of all Things.


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