51zZnhjXbLLFriends and former lovers are gathered together, along with her husband, to honor the dearly departed Molly Lane. The day is a chilly February, and as a couple of the former lovers commiserate about the rapid onset of the disease that killed her, we see that something else is taking place.

They each, separately, and over the next few weeks, ponder their own mortality, as sometimes happens when a friend one’s age has died. And they each feared the kind of loss of faculties that Molly had suffered, rendering her virtually a prisoner to her possessive husband George, at a time when she had no control over her own life.

Clive is a renowned composer, while Vernon is the editor of a newspaper that has seen better days. Julian is a politician with a secret…one which someone will use as leverage against him.

None of these men can overlook their fragility at this time in their lives, and their fears and insecurities will lead them to take drastic actions with tragic consequences.

How will Vernon strive to save his position at the newspaper, and what will he risk? What will Clive do to exceed his previous efforts with his latest creation? And what surprising turn of events will unite George and Julian, as they converge on Amsterdam to retrieve two surprising passengers?

In the beginning, Amsterdam: A Novel, did not grab me, but then as Clive and Vernon started plotting, I found the pages turning rapidly; I then engaged with the characters, their vulnerabilities, as well as the streak of evil that turned them toward revenge. It was easy to see how the pivotal moments after Molly’s death transformed them toward their darker sides. At the end, the intriguing plot twists had me shaking my head in dismay. I enjoyed this one overall, but offer four stars.

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