3339When trainer Cassidy Novak participates in a reality TV show called Sink or Swim, she hopes to win first prize, and with the winnings, start a chain of fitness studios.

But she doesn’t win first prize, and as the runner-up, her actual cash will be miniscule compared to the million dollar payday for the winner.

Nevertheless, she discovers that some fame follows her afterwards, and soon she has an agent and the promise of more celebrity opportunities. But the aftermath of the show and the instant celebrity turn into something dark and malevolent. Cassidy is being pursued by a stalker. At first the letters seem only mildly troubling, but as time passes, they grow more intense. Then there are two murders of former competitors on the show…and Cassidy must consider the possibility that she will be next.

Throughout the story, there were numerous characters, from weirdly annoying to less troubling, who might turn out to be the stalker. And just when Cassidy believes that one or the other could be the one, she is blindsided by her discovery of who is actually stalking her. But she doesn’t figure it out until more tragedy ensues and she is right in the man’s crosshairs.

I enjoyed the ride throughout the suspenseful pages, and I was also surprised by the reveal. Along the way, there were some romantic moments between Cassidy and a couple of the other characters. I liked that she was drawn as an independent, feisty, and fiercely determined young woman. I felt connected to her from the beginning, although there were some moments when she seemed to let her guard down too easily. I am not a fan of reality shows, but I did enjoy the stalker angle, and her sometimes casual (or plucky?) behavior did help intensify the suspense, so I’m giving this one 4.5 stars.


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