3300Natasha Chamberlain’s career as a bodyguard is fairly new. In fact, she serendipitously fell into the vocation when her old boss, Jonce Striker (who is now her lover), asked her to guard one of his friends.

Now she is contemplating her first case as an independent bodyguard, but she is not sure that she wants to take on guarding a show dog. However, his owner, Myrtle, somehow persuades her by revealing that someone is threatening Chumley.

Natasha is one of those feisty characters that somehow manages to get into one scrape after another. While the antics add humor to the mix, they also show us the flawed, yet lovable woman she is. The chemistry between Natasha and Striker is so intense it is almost palpable, but when the sparks fly, they are not necessarily the good kind; and as Natasha struggles to assert herself and make her own decisions, Striker, in an effort to protect her, often takes on a controlling attitude.

Sometimes Natasha’s attitude is a bit extreme, but the story is more amusing because of her behavior.

Will Natasha allow Striker to take control of her life and her decisions? If she persists in her independence, will she lose him in her life? And how will the advice of her feminist grandmother guide or distract her? What unexpected danger will present itself at the dog show and reveal the final pieces to the puzzle of the threat against Chumley?

Another delightful tale in a fun series, The Bodyguard and The Show Dog earned five stars.


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