1586877In this second novel in the series, Glory in Death opens with Lt. Eve Dallas leading another investigation into a murder. The first victim is a well-known Prosecuting Attorney, who was killed in the wrong part of town. Why would she be there in the first place? Chasing the clues, Eve begins to learn more about the woman and her connections, and discovers some possible motives within her own family.

But, as usual, the most obvious suspects are not necessarily the killers, and when two more high profile women are slashed in a similar fashion and apparently with the same weapon, Eve has to dig deeper. And then, as if hiding in plain sight, the right perpetrator is now in Eve’s cross hairs.

Along the way toward the conclusion, the reader is treated to the usual visual images of the futuristic world of 2058. I enjoyed imagining the kind of world that has shuttles to other planets, and the various communication devices that are a regular part of life in those times. And yet, we are also gifted with the beginnings of an interior exploration of the traumatic childhoods of both Eve and Roarke. I hope that future books will reveal more of these inner depths.

As usual, the story is fast-paced with intriguing and sometimes annoying characters, peppered with great dialogue. What gives it a bit more fun is how the author shows us a deeper look into the relationship between Eve and Roarke, and offers a fabulous glimpse of his luxurious homes and lifestyle. An engaging book, with a bit of predictability. I honed in on the killer about 2/3 of the way through. Recommended for fans of the series. Four stars.


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