3320A murder, a wealthy family with rivalries, a spoiled son and heir, and a beautiful setting in Atlanta, Georgia: all these elements draw the reader in immediately.

Smash Cut: A Novel is full of characters I could love and hate, and as the reader follows each one, more is revealed.

It didn’t take long to learn who the bad guys were, as the story was told through the perspectives of the various characters. The fun was in watching the other characters figure out how to gather the evidence to prove the case, as well as watch events unfold.

When the police conclude that Julie, the alleged lover of Paul Wheeler, is the killer, she and attorney Derek Mitchell, who has fallen for her in a major way, have to scramble and stay ahead of the police who are determined to arrest her based on circumstantial evidence.

And then, even though we knew who was killing and misdirecting everyone, there were some surprises that came to light in the final pages, including the reveal of secret relationships.

The most intriguing twists involved the plot lines of various movies, including Hitchcock’s thrillers.

A page turner that had me from the first page, I’m giving this one four stars. There were a few confusing elements that distracted me at times. But overall, I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves the mix of family drama, love, and murder mysteries.


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