Good morning, and welcome to another Monday, in which we celebrate our reading, blogging, and life.  Mailbox Monday is hosted in November by Bermudaonion;  and Book Journey brings us another edition of What Are You Reading?

My mailbox was completely empty of books this week, but I did download an e-book on Sparky.

Three Moons Over Sedona, by Sherry Hartzler (I just had to order this one since Sedona is one of my favorite vacation spots!).

Georgia Mae Brown has always lived an ordinary life. That is, until her husband dies in the arms of a younger woman. Six weeks after his death, Georgia slides behind the wheel of her husband’s beloved 1976 Fleetwood convertible, starts the engine and just keeps driving. Empowered by a volatile mix of freedom and retribution, Georgia begins a journey of a lifetime.

Traveling two thousand-miles to Sedona, Arizona, Georgia finds work in a café managed by the kooky proprietor, Trish Martin. Next door, the Moon Tide Gift Shop is owned by the exotic Zoe Atwater, the daughter of screen legend, Gloria Atwater. Befriended by these two flamboyant characters, Georgia finds new life in Sedona, an artisan town surrounded by the magnificent red rock scenery of Oak Creek Canyon. This energizing landscape of mysterious vortexes and new-age spiritualism revitalizes her soul. However, her two new friends have their own agendas, generating a major crisis that takes the three women to LA and a media Hollywood funeral. Georgia is suddenly thrust into the surreal world of A-list movie stars, glamorous Rodeo Drive, and tabloid hell.

Three Moons Over Sedona is an odyssey of the human heart, filled with secrets, regrets and finally forgiveness. Georgia is a survivor who learns that although you can never run away from yourself, you can—through pure determination—become the person you were always meant to be.



Welcome to another week of sharing our love of reading, blogging, and life.  Come on by and chat about your week; and then visit some other blogs to enjoy the famous community spirit.

I hope everyone is going to enjoy the upcoming holiday, if you celebrate it.  And most will have some kind of holiday.

This past week was pretty interesting.  I spent some time blogging and reviewed some books.

On the Blogs:

On Monday, I did a Potpourri post on Feathering the Nest; on Tuesday, I shared some Scanning Moments; Wednesday, I announced the winner of the Bookshelf Clearing Giveaway; my Weekend Potpourri:  Jingle Bells, was about looking ahead; my Sweet Saturday Sample takes a look at the Interior World of A Private Eye; and yesterday I also posted about Celebrating the Moments.

My Sunday Check-In Post for ROW 80 was a summary of the week’s progress.

Books:  Read – Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  The Empty Glass, by J. I. Baker

2.  She Can Tell, by Melinda Leigh

3.  Killer Takes All, by Erica Spindler

Up Next:  Click Titles/Covers for More Info:

1.  Firefly Summer, by Maeve Binchy (From my Old TBR Stacks)


2.  Amazing Grace, by Danielle Steel (Another Old TBR Graduate)

3.  For Keeps (e-book), by Aaron Paul Lazar


4.   Slightly Cracked (e-book), by Susan Whitfield


I think it’s going to be a fabulous week!  Enjoy, everyone…and have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it).


    1. I discovered it on a blog last week, and the cover reminded me of how much I’ve loved spending time in Sedona. I usually go in October, when it’s not hot or cold. The colors and the vibe of the place are so captivating…I can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for stopping by, Laura, and enjoy your week.


    1. I thought it started off slowly, and I had to accustom myself (again!) to how her books are so densely filled with characters. But then, suddenly, I started finding myself right in the midst of their lives. Yes, enjoyment and lots of cups of tea. Thanks for visiting, Kaye.


  1. I’ve been reading mixed reviews on The Empty Glass, but I’ll probably read it anyway … I’m always attracted to stories centering around Marilyn Monroe. Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. I’ve been to Sedona a few times – so beautiful! I hope you enjoy the book.
    Firefly Summer was my ‘gateway book’ to Maeve Binchy 🙂 I really enjoyed her novels, especially the earlier ones.
    Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving, Laurel-Rain.


    1. Thanks, Diana….glad you could stop by. I think Sedona is breathtaking. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve gone, but I need to go again…soon. The book should help remind me of what it was like.


  3. It’s been such a long while since I’ve read a Danielle Steel book! I remember reading her alongside Sidney Sheldon back when I was in high school which is like 20 years ago. Your post made me slightly wistful. I should also get around to reading at least one Maeve Binchy novel. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!


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