Welcome to my “interior world,” where I enjoy reading, sipping coffee in the morning—in this newly configured morning space—and then watching a little TV between more reading.

On the weekend, I decided to revamp my dining area…again.  And now the Baker’s Rack holds pride of place, front and center (so to speak).

It was a lot of work, since I had to remove all the items from the rack, as well as the green cupboard (now on the left side of the space); I felt a little virtuous, since everything got thoroughly dusted in the process.

The Baker’s Rack sat in its former place ever since I bought it.

This version shows it in the space I reconfigured awhile ago when I moved the red cupboard into the corner.

I have always had a yen for Baker’s Racks.  I noticed them on TV shows or movies, and drooled a bit.  But I could never find just the one.  They were always too fragile looking; or had too many mirrors or surfaces that needed polishing.  I wanted one with shelves I could fill with books and trinkets, but I also wanted drawers.  And space below for more stuff.

Finally, while wandering around in the furniture stores near my neighborhood, I found this one!  And it was discounted, because the store was going out of business.  Mixed feelings all around…I hate when stores go out of business.  But I love discounts.

And they delivered it the next day, at minimal cost.

I had made room for it near the patio door…and thought it would stay there forever.

But my restless spirit kept seeing it elsewhere, while my dread of big chores like this would be kept me from acting.  Until Sunday.

What is it about Sunday that brings out this part of me?  Does it feel like a day for recreating things?  Often my urges for upheaval are satisfied on a Sunday….And then again, it could have been because I was watching the DVD collection of Lipstick Jungle.…where my love of Baker’s Racks was refueled years ago.  The character Nico has a lovely one in her dining area.  Of course, hers is not filled with all the stuff mine has…

But I do love looking at it now, in the newly reconfigured space.  You can see it as you come in the front door.  And it seems like an icon standing there in such a prominent place…

Hmm…Should I move that “Chez Raine” sign, so it reads like a caption? (You can barely see the sign in the second photo).


Here it is!  This sign (see above) was one I had made for me when I was living in the foothills.  There it welcomed guests, as it “lived” on the front door.

You can scarcely glimpse it in this photo above.

The sign, like me, has been on many journeys.  But should I move it again?  That would mean rearranging the other pictures and spackling the nail holes again…lol.  What do you think?


  1. This is the idea of you that I have in my head…you never wear casual clothes…you are always sort of dressed up…and when you get into one of your Sunday moving things around moods…you have “people” you can magically call in to move, spackle, paint and polish for you!



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