Good morning, and welcome to another Monday, in which we celebrate our reading, blogging, and life.  Mailbox Monday is hosted in October by Mailbox Monday blog;  and Book Journey brings us another edition of What Are You Reading?


My mailbox had one review book this week; and I downloaded one from a favorite author onto Sparky.

1.  The Death of Bees, by Lisa O’Donnell (Amazon Vine)

Hazlehurst housing estate, Glasgow, Christmas Eve 2010. Fifteen-year-old Marnie and her little sister Nelly have just finished burying their parents in the back garden. Only Marnie and Nelly know how they got there. Lennie, the old guy next door, has taken a sudden interest in his two young neighbours and is keeping a close eye on them. He soon realises that the girls are all alone, and need his help — or does he need theirs?

As the year ends and another begins, the sisters’ friends, their neighbours, and the authorities — not to mention the local drug dealer, who’s been sniffing around for their father — gradually start to ask questions. And as one lie leads to another, darker secrets about Marnie’s family come to light, making things even more complicated.

Written with fierce sympathy and beautiful precision, The Death of Bees is an enchanting and grimly comic tale of three lost souls who, unable to answer for themselves, can answer only for each other.

2.  Windfall (e-book), by Penny Vincenzi

The number-one bestseller in Britain, Windfall is perhaps Penny Vincenzi’s most riveting family saga yet. After smashing successes with the American publication of six of Vincenzi’s “marvelously engrossing” (Barbara Taylor Bradford) novels—with more than 500,000 books in print—Overlook is thrilled to offer Windfall to American readers.

Sensible Cassia Fallon has been married to her doctor husband for seven years when her godmother leaves her a huge fortune. For the first time in her life, she is able to do exactly as she likes, and she starts to question her marriage, her past, her present, and her future. But where did her inheritance really come from and why? Too soon the windfall has become a corrupting force—one that Cassia cannot resist.

Vincenzi’s sharp eye for detail, intricate plots, and cast of vivid characters set in “a world of engrossing and unforgettable glamour and passion” (Dominick Dunne) have made her novels irresistible, and Windfall is no exception.



Welcome to another week of chatting books, blogging, and life.  Come on by and visit…and I’ll be visiting you, too.  I love the community of book bloggers and enjoy Mondays!  There is nothing BLUE about Monday for me these days.

My week was not a good one, in terms of reading or blogging.  I seemed to have gone missing from my routines.

For whatever reason, I was unplugged and disconnected from the usual events…except in a very minor way.

I did post a Blogoversary Winner, and also announced an upcoming event:  Bookshelf Clearing.

My Friday Potpourri post was all about tie-dye and beads.

On Saturday, my Sweet Saturday Sample was full of Whirling Thoughts.

Here’s the Reading Week: (Click Titles for Reviews)

1.   An Order of Coffee & Tea (e-book), by Brian Spangler

2.   The Bodyguard (e-book), by Christy Tillery French

3.    Play Him Again, by Jeffrey Stone (DNF and Did Not Review)

4.   Dead on Ice, by Lauren Carr

What’s Up Next? (Click Titles/Covers for More Info)

1.  Between the Lines, by Jodi Picoult & Samantha Van Leer

2.  Afterwards, by Rosamund Lupton

3.  You Tell Your Dog First, by Alison Pace


And that’s my week!  I hope everyone stays safe from the storms….and look forward to seeing you around the blogosphere this week!


      • I can only believe that everything she writes is really special…have you read the triology she wrote years ago…I haven’t but I have a friend who has…and loved it…I think it’s called the Lytton Family? I also can’t remember if you read Absolute Scandal? I think that is my favorite…


  1. Hi Laurel-Rain,

    I am not a big fan of Penny Vincenzi, but then I don’t go much on Barbara Taylor Bradford either, their style of writing is very similar and just isn’t for me.

    I am intrigued by ‘The Death Of Bees’ though, so this has gone onto my list. It would appear that this is a debut novel for its author and has pushed all the right buttons with that synopsis, to get me wondering just why the girls have buried their parents in the garden and just what Marnie’s secret could be for one so young!!

    Thanks for sharing,



    • Oh, I know, doesn’t it pique your interest? I am excited about it….and thanks for stopping by, Yvonne.

      Some of BTB’s recent books have not been as good (IMO) as her Harte Dynasty saga.

      So far, I’ve enjoyed Vincenzi.


  2. I’d like to get to the Rosamund Lupton book and the story of the Hmong. I like immigrant stories so very much as they are humane and full of personal stories of survival.


    • After I had decided my two books were it for me this past week, I read Dead on Ice yesterday….couldn’t put it down. Hope you enjoy it, Shelleyrae, and I am already loving Afterwards. Have a great week!


  3. I love Jodi Picoult, but haven’t read Between the Lines yet. I did just pick up Lone Wolf which I am looking forward to reading.

    I started doing a monthly giveaway last year – I usually have 4 or 5 books that I giveaway each month – a collection of review books, books purchased, etc. It seems to be much appreciated and it’s a great way to pass along books that I read but just don’t want to keep.

    Have a great week!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book


    • Thanks for stopping by, Deb….and I know my problem this past week was getting hung up on the one book, stubborn, determined to finish; but it was like plodding through a field of bubble gum (to borrow a phrase from a friend!).


  4. I LOVED The Death of Bees, and on my blog you can win a hardcopy of this book, if you prefer. I have a copy of Afterwards (Rosamund Lupton) but I haven’t got round to read it yet.

    Have a good (better) reading week this week!


    • Thanks, Judith…I ended up finishing three books this past week (the third one yesterday), so it wasn’t too bad. But I spent way too much time on the one I didn’t finish. Glad to hear you enjoyed The Death of Bees.


    • I love Vincenzi’s books, although I have often waited before beginning one, since they’re pretty hefty. But once I’m reading them, I don’t notice the pages!

      Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth…enjoy your week.


  5. Sorry you didn’t like Play Him Again. I found you had to really be in the right mood to get into it and it took me awhile.

    The Death of Bees sounds really good!
    Have a great week!


    • I liked the time period of Play Him Again, but there were too many pages of “exposition” about the industry that bogged me down and left me bored. I guess the right frame of mind might help, too. Thanks for visiting, Lori, and I think The Death of Bees sounds good, too.


  6. The Death of Bees sounds like my kind of book. I’m going to add that to my ‘watch for’ list. Oh, and I’ve got a copy of Nate Berkus’ book coming… your review tipped me over the edge on that one, and I do need all the help I get in ‘rearranging’!


  7. Since I love family sagas, I should check out Penny’s books. I think I may have read one a few years ago, I’d have to check. ;o) Which is one of the reasons why I started a blog, to keep track of what I’ve read so I don’t have to wonder ;o). Hope this is a better week of reading for you.


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