Dr. Frieda Klein is a London psychotherapist introduced in Blue Monday: A Novel, a story that brought other characters to the canvas, like police detective Karlsson. The back story from the first novel reverberates periodically in Tuesday’s Gone, another thriller that opens with a murder. But not just any murder. The victim himself is an unknown entity, which makes finding the killer even more challenging. And when his body is discovered in the flat of a mentally ill woman, there is very little remaining evidence to go on. For poor Michelle Doyce has been sitting with the body for some time, in a state of confusion.

Who is the victim known to them initially as Robert Poole, a con man? He has stolen someone else’s identity, and as the police zero in on who some of his victims were, they learn a lot more about him–except who he really is and who killed him. They learn how he listens to those he victimizes; he gives them his full attention, something each of them needs desperately.

As in the previous book, Dr. Klein is acting as a consultant to the police, but in these cost-cutting times, it looks like her days of assisting may be numbered. And the attitude of the other detectives (other than Karlsson) are resentful. Sometimes her job is made more difficult by these attitudes.

In the process of untangling the very elusive strands that might knit the case together into a useful shape, we meet some intriguing characters. Those who show us bits and pieces of how they fit into Robert Poole’s world.

But who is the nameless woman huddled on a barge, waiting for someone’s return? Why is she still there, when she could go? What is she waiting for? And how does she play a role in the mystery?

Like a giant jigsaw puzzle with intricate pieces that must go together in just the right way, we gradually come to understand what at first seemed unknowable. But the danger will mount, putting everyone in peril before we find the answers.

I like Frieda Klein. She is elusive, mysterious, and clever. She is also hiding her own past secrets. Will her history keep her from finding that true feeling of home, or will she continually walk the streets of London at night until she works out her own puzzle?

I could not put this book down. And just when I realized that not all the answers would be forthcoming, I knew that there will have to be another book in this series. And I can’t wait! Five stars.


    • I read some of their other books (the author is actually two people), but it was Blue Monday, the prequel to this one, that really hooked me. And I think there will be another one after Tuesday’s Gone. Thanks for stopping by, Laura.


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