Welcome to another Monday from the Interior, in which we share about the books we received in the mail (or bought), and talk about our bookish week, past and future.

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Sheila, at Book Journey, brings us What Are You Reading?



My mailbox held two books this week:  one review copy, and one purchase.

1.  Ocean Beach, by Wendy Wax (Publicist)


Wendy Wax, author of the “warm [and] wry” (St. Petersburg TimesTen Beach Road, returns with a novel of three women in need of a second chance…or is it a third?

Unlikely friends Madeline, Avery and Nicole have hit some speed bumps in their lives, but when they arrive in Miami’s South Beach neighborhood, they are all hoping for a do-over. Literally. They’ve been hired to bring a once-grand historic house back to its former glory on a new television show called Do-Over. If they can just get this show off the ground, Nikki would get back on her feet financially, Avery could restart her ruined career, and Maddie would have a shot at keeping her family together.

At least, that’s the plan – until the women realize that having their work broadcast is one thing, having their personal lives play out on TV is another thing entirely. Soon they are struggling to hold themselves, and the project, together. With a decades-old mystery—and the hurricane season—looming, the women are forced to figure out just how they’ll weather life’s storms…

2.  Objects of My Affection, by Jill Smolinski

In the humorous, heartfelt new novel by the author of The Next Thing on My List, a personal organizer must somehow convince a reclusive artist to give up her hoarding ways and let go of the stuff she’s hung on to for decades.Lucy Bloom is broke, freshly dumped by her boyfriend, and forced to sell her house to send her nineteen-year-old son to drug rehab. Although she’s lost it all, she’s determined to start over. So when she’s offered a high-paying gig helping clear the clutter from the home of reclusive and eccentric painter Marva Meier Rios, Lucy grabs it. Armed with the organizing expertise she gained while writing her book, Things Are Not People, and fueled by a burning desire to get her life back on track, Lucy rolls up her sleeves to take on the mess that fills every room of Marva’s huge home. Lucy soon learns that the real challenge may be taking on Marva, who seems to love the objects in her home too much to let go of any of them.

While trying to stay on course toward a strict deadline—and with an ex-boyfriend back in the picture, a new romance on the scene, and her son’s rehab not going as planned—Lucy discovers that Marva isn’t just hoarding, she is also hiding a big secret. The two form an unlikely bond, as each learns from the other that there are those things in life we keep, those we need to let go—but it’s not always easy to know the difference.



Welcome to another week of sharing about the books we’ve read, the ones we plan next, and the blogging/life adventures we’ve enjoyed.

I’m in pretty good spirits this week, with beautiful weather, etc.; however, I’ve got a swollen jaw from a toothache…spent some time in Urgent Care last night, and I hope to deal with the tooth tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I’m cranky! lol

But I’ve gotten some reading done…a pretty good distraction.

My Blogging/Reading Week:

In Tuesday Potpourri:  Early Morning Thoughts, I did a bit of rambling.  On Forest Journey, I shared an excerpt called Bridging the Gap, a mother-daughter meeting; and on Friday, I shared my Sweet Saturday Sample at Snow Chronicles (another excerpt); and finally, in my Weekend Potpourri, I chat about collecting vs. hoarding, and bookish delights.

Review:  The Good Father, by Diane Chamberlain –(Five stars!)

Review:  Heartbroken, by Lisa Unger (Four stars)

Review:  Reel Life, by Jackie Townsend (Three stars)


What’s Up Next? (Click Titles/Covers for More Info)

11/22/63, by Stephen King (still reading:  page 120)


The Witness, by Nora Roberts (can’t put this one down!)


Another Piece of My Heart (e-book), by Jane Green


I hope to make more progress with the Stephen King book, as well as finish the other two…but we’ll see!

What are the rest of you doing this week?  Come on by and share….



  1. loricaswell

    Sorry to hear about your tooth. Hope you feel better soon. I also received Ocean Beach this week and can’t wait to get to it!
    Happy Reading!!


  2. I’m liking the looks of some of your books. Will have to watch for your reviews to see if they go on my list, especially Ocean Beach. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!


    1. I had one appt. for the tooth this morning, and I’m off to another one later this a.m. It’s an abscess! Not happy about that….

      Thanks for visiting, Nise, and I’m taking The Witness with me…unless I finish it before the appt.


    1. Oh, I know, Wendy….I’m a bit worried about the abscess…but hopefully, they’ll fix it up soon.

      I’ve enjoyed some hoarding books, and I’m really looking forward to another one that’s on its way to me soon.

      Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your week!


    1. Yes, that would be nice, Leslie….I am now thoroughly medicated with pain meds., so I’m feeling better; I’m still swollen, though, so I’m avoiding mirrors…lol

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your week. Wonder what happened to Sheila?


      1. I was wondering about that too. She did say she was at the cabin and wouldn’t be back until Monday afternoon so I’m thinking the Monday post didn’t schedule properly. I’ve had that happen a few times.


    1. I think it will be good, too, Alyce…I enjoyed Ten Beach Road last year, with these same characters.

      I am enjoying the bit of 11/22/63 that I’ve read so far. Maybe it won’t take as long as I thought to finish it….

      Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Oh, it is, Debbie….I have read longer books back in the day (Gone with the Wind and those Russian guys – lol), but it’s been awhile since I’ve “enjoyed” such a chunkster. So far, it’s quite good. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Oh nasty, hope you get the abscess sorted, that’ll make you feel a lot better!
    Love the sound of both your mailbox books and I’m excited I’ve got The Witness too, heard nothing but good about it 🙂 Off to check your review of The Good Father.
    Happy reading this week 🙂


    1. After two appts. yesterday, they’ve loaded me up on the antibiotics and scheduled me for an extraction next week. Tooth is too far gone for a root canal!

      I’m not looking forward to it, but I’ll be glad to put the pain behind me.

      Thanks for stopping by, Teddyree, and I just finished The Witness last night! Loved it! ( for review.


    1. I was at a loss for a bit, Sheila, but then clicked on those who visited last week to find the blogs I wanted to visit….and I’m glad you were just “unplugged” and not hurt or something.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  4. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    I love a good Nora Roberts – they are just so undemanding yet enjoyable
    Have a great reading week!
    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out


    1. Thanks, Kristin T…I am feeling a bit better today…and it should improve over the next several days.

      I finished The Witness last night, and it was awesome! Now on to the Jane Green (and continuing with Stephen King!).

      Thanks for stopping by.


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