Welcome to another Monday from the Interior, in which we share about the books we received in the mail (or bought), and talk about our bookish week, past and future.

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No books in the mail this week, but I downloaded two books…one free!

1.  The Song Remains the Same (e-book), by Allison Winn Scotch

One of only two survivors of a plane crash, Nell Slattery wakes in the hospital with no memory of the horrific experience-or who she is, or was. Now she must piece together both body and mind, with the help of family and friends, who have their own agendas. She filters through photos, art, music, and stories, hoping something will jog her memory, and soon, in tiny bits and pieces, Nell starts remembering. . . .

It isn’t long before she learns to question the stories presented by her mother, her sister and business partner, and her husband. In the end, she will discover that forgiving betrayals small and large will be the only true path to healing herself-and to finding happiness.

2.  Sink or Swim (e-book), by Stacy Juba

Personal trainer Cassidy Novak has gained fame for starring on a hit reality show, but not only does she lose, she discovers she is being stalked. She’s also being shadowed by Zach Gallagher, a hunky photographer assigned to capture her personal moments for the local newspaper. As her former competitors get killed off one by one, Cassidy refuses to play by the stalker’s bizarre rules. When the stalker forces a showdown, Cassidy must play to win.



Welcome to another exciting week of bookish thoughts.  Isn’t it fun to visit other blogs and find new titles to add to your list?

It’s been raining this week here…and that was good for blogging and reading.

My reading week has been a mix of genres, from a fictional saga beginning in the 1920s to a cozy mystery.  In the midst was a memoir that was a disturbing reminder of the sad facts of life…and one I will be thinking about for a long while.

Meanwhile, I’ve been blogging a bit.  Aside from the regular memes, I posted a Monday Potpourri:  Books, Thoughts, etc. ; Morning After Thoughts — An Excerpt featured a snippet from my WIP  Interior Designs.

Over at another site, I wrote Self-Motivation:  What Works for You?

Midweek found me meandering along with Hump Day Potpourri:  Rainy Day Reading & Rambling Thoughts.

Today I posted over at Story Corner:  Fourth Blogoversary Coming — April 21.

Books Read/Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

(Unbroken, by Jamie Lisa Forbes – Blog Tour) (Read in March)

The Chaperone, by Laura Moriarty

An Appetite for Murder (e-book), by Lucy Burdette

A Silence of Mockingbirds:  Memoir of a Murder, by Karen Spears Zacharias – A haunting story of a three-year-old child victimized by child abuse; very timely read during April, Child Abuse Prevention Month.

What’s Up Next? For more info, click titles/covers.

1.  Come Home, by Lisa Scottoline


2.  Heiress Without a Cause, by Sara Ramsey

3.  On Their Own, by Martha Shirk & Gary Stangler

4.  Mimosas, Mischief, & Murder (e-book) – Sara Rosett



So that’s my week:  a mix of cozy mystery, family secrets, historical fiction, and nonfiction in honor of Child Abuse Prevention month.

What are the rest of you reading?  Come on…meander this way and chat!


  1. Hi Laurel-Rain,

    ‘The Song Remains The Same’ has appeared on quite a few blogs over the last couple of weeks, although I have yet to come across a review. It would be a particularly poignant read for me, as we have a friend who survived a horrific car crash, with consequences almost identical to those facing Nell in the story.

    It has taken her several years to regain a 90% sense of normality, although there will always be a small part of her which is forever lost to us.

    I hope that you find this book fulfilling and I look forward to seeing your review of it.

    Have a good week.



  2. The Song Remains the Same sounds intriguing. I’ll be interested in your thoughts.
    I like the looks of your mixed genres. Some heavy and some lighter.
    Enjoy your week.


    • That affliction has visited me lately, too! Thanks for visiting, Sheila, and Come Home was great! I started it yesterday…and then kept reading until I finished it. The review is at Rainy Days and Mondays.


  3. Looking forward to your thoughts on the AWS book. I love her writing! Mimosas Mischief and Murder looks interesting. I’ve never read that author. Have fun with your new books.


    • So do I, Kaye…my first one of hers was Time of My Life…I think that’s the correct title. Anyway, I went on and read another…and now I’m a fan.

      Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your week.


    • I’m excited about it, but won’t be reading it this week, since I just got it…others claim my attention first! But I think it will move up on the list soon!

      Thanks for stopping by, Mary…and after leaving your blog, I ordered a download of Rain….which I think sounds intriguing.


  4. ohh…On Their Own seems interesting. I want to be a foster-mommy soon so I’ve been reading up on the subject. I will definitely have to check that one out too!


    • I hope you do explore foster parenting…what a rewarding, yet challenging job that is! I was a social worker for more than three decades…and I still gravitate to these kinds of books.

      Thanks for stopping by, Andra, and enjoy your week.


  5. The Song Remains the Same needs to go on my wish list! That sounds like a very good read! Come Home is another one that is calling my name. I have not read any Scottoline yet but her books always grab my attention. I think it’s about time I give one of her books a try!


  6. I got an unsolicited review copy of A Silence of Mockingbirds and decided that it sounded too depressing for me. I’m impressed you tackled it in a remembrance of the month!


    • This kind of book is actually my cup of tea….probably due to my many years as a social worker.

      But most people do find this kind of thing too depressing.

      Thanks for stopping by, Jen, and enjoy your week.


  7. LOL loving the cover of Mimosas, Mischief and Murder, hope it’s a good one. A Silence of Mockingbirds is on my wishlist, as distressing as they are, these are books that need to be read!

    Have a wonderful week, enjoy your reads and thanks for your well wishes on my blog 🙂


    • I agree, Teddyree….about the cover of Mimosas, etc., and A Silence of Mockingbirds. It took me right back to the middle of all the stress, drama, and sadness of my life in the trenches.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.


  8. you have some very interesting looking books listed – and a couple heartbreakers. I hate that children have to suffer at all – it’s bad enough when they get sick with all those horrible diseases that are around, but for people to deliberately hurt a kid – there has to be a special hell for them. I get so MAD – and I’ve been an over stressed mom, so I know what it’s like to lose it with a child, but please! there’s a line you can’t cross – and women should protect their babies better. I’m not referring to the abused women who’ve been victimized – but about the women who are more concerned with their boy friends than their very own kids. horrible.

    On a better note…here’s hoping for a good week to come. 🙂


    • Oh, I can completely relate to what you’re saying, Mardel. Who hasn’t felt totally overwhelmed by parenting? But, yes, those were the cases I hated the most: the ones where the women put the boyfriends first.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.


  9. It’s been raining here too this week! Love the look of the cozy on your reading list for this week

    Have a great reading week
    Shelelyrae @ Book’d out


  10. I really want to read “On Their Own” because, in all honesty, the foster care system is soo screwy in America. I wanted to be a social worker for awhile, but the system has failed this country so epically that I just couldn’t study to take a job that would break me on the daily. 😦

    Great haul. Have fun reading!


    • The book was informative and definitely shows us the flaws in the system, but also some hopeful new trends.

      Thanks for stopping by, becalora…the social work journey I was on for more than three decades was heartbreaking, yet compelling.

      I’m now enjoying the writer’s life: much better for me!


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