Good morning, and welcome to another edition of our Monday Memes:  Mailbox Monday, hosted this month by The Mailbox Monday Blog; and What Are You Reading?, from Sheila, at Book Journey.


This week, I downloaded two e-books for Sparky, my Kindle; I received one review book, one contest win, and a book I purchased from Amazon.

1.  Star Struck:  Interviews with Dirty Harry and Other Hollywood Icons (e-book), by Betty Dravis

Betty Dravis, a former journalist, shares insightful interviews with some of her favorite Hollywood legends.

2.  The Kingdom of Childhood, by Rebecca Coleman (contest win from Teddyree, The Eclectic Reader)

The Kingdom of Childhood is the story of a boy and a woman: sixteen-year-old Zach Patterson, uprooted and struggling to reconcile his knowledge of his mother’s extramarital affair, and Judy McFarland, a kindergarten teacher watching her family unravel before her eyes.

3.   Brownie Fix, by Ellen Cardona (Review book from author)

Chocolate. Love. Sex. Really, what else could a woman want in life? For Persey, the heroine of Brownie Fix, her days are fun-filled until what is normally one of life’s most fulfilling experiences, the birth of her son, leads her straight into a dark state of postpartum depression…

4.   V is for Vengeance, by Sue Grafton

A spiderweb of dangerous relationships lies at the heart of V is for Vengeance, Sue Grafton’s daring new Kinsey Millhone novel.


5.  Mrs. Nixon (e-book), by Ann Beattie

Dazzlingly original, Ann Beattie’s Mrs. Nixon is a riveting exploration of an elusive American icon and of the fiction writer’s art.



My week has brought a bounty of reading and blogging experiences.

Here’s some of what happened on my blogs:






ReviewThe Strangers on Montague Street, by Karen White (with author bio)

ReviewThe Sisters, by Nancy Jensen

Review:  Armed:  An Alex Harris Mystery, by Elaine Macko

What’s Up Next?

1.  You Are My Only (e-book), by Beth Kephart (still reading)

2.  It’s a Waverly Life, by Maria Murnane (Vine Review)

3.  Birds of Paradise, by Diana Abu-Jaber

4.  Second Nature (e-book), by Jacquelyn Mitchard


And that’s going to be a full week for me.  I might finish the first one this afternoon…and with a short week, I could finish the others by next weekend.

What are you up to?  What wonderful tomes await you?


  1. Hi Laurel-Rain,

    Wow! such a long and detailed post, I was frightened that I was going to miss out on something important there.

    I really like the sound of ‘You Are My Only’, this will be the stuff that nightmares are made of I should think, an emotional rollercoaster to read I’m sure.

    The Sue Grafton ‘V Is For Vengeance’ is a must read for me, although I haven’t read all the others in the series, but keep dipping in and out of them, as the mood takes me. The cover is certainly arresting, very sharp and to the point, no messing with this one! I found an alternative cover option on Amazon for the Kindle edition, however that is more like your traditional crime cover, so I can’t make up my mind which one I prefer!

    Sounds as though you are going to have a busy week reading, apart from all the holiday stuff going on. Enjoy yourself, whatever you decide to do.


    1. I love Sue Grafton’s books…I don’t think I’ve missed any, but I may have skipped a couple of the beginning ones.

      Nowadays, I grab every one!

      Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne, and I hope you have a great holiday, too.


  2. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    Armed sounds like a fun cosy mystery.I didn’t enjoy Second Chance too much but I hope you do!
    Happy reading this week!

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d out


    1. Oh, that’s too bad about Second Chance…I love this author. And I was thinking I would classify Armed as a cozy, so I’m glad you think it might fit, too.

      I’ve started picking cozies lately, and I’m loving them.

      Thanks for stopping by, Shelleyrae…and enjoy your week.


    1. Sometimes I read several of the same kinds of books (dark) and after a week like that, I’m depressed….lol. So lately I’ve been trying to vary the titles. It works out better! Thanks for stopping by, Brunette Librarian…enjoy your week.


  3. Busy week! You have a nice selection.

    I started reading the alphabet books in the middle and haven’t read one for a while. I picked up the first half of the alphabet at a library sale so now I can start with “A”.


    1. That’s a good idea, Leslie. I think I may have missed a few from the beginning, but I’m not sure. I like that I’m now reviewing everything I read…it helps me recall what I’ve read! I have been known to pick up a book at a store and realize once I’ve gotten into it that I already read it!

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week!


    1. I would like to read more library books, but I tend to get a stack and not finish them before they’re due! And I have so many books already on my “owned” stacks….sigh.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sarah, and enjoy your week.


  4. A wonderful selection of books; I’m keen to see what you think of Second Nature. Have a great week and happy reading 🙂
    I’m glad to see The Kingdom of Childhood arrived ~ enjoy!!


    1. I’m thinking that I should start Second Nature next, since it seems to be calling to me. Since I just received The Kingdom of Childhood, it may be a couple of weeks before I get to read it, due to review books in the queue.

      Thanks for stopping by, Teddyree, and for the lovely book! Have a great week.


  5. I’ve never read Sue Grafton but heard alot of good things about her. I saw her first alphabet book is relatively cheap for only $2.99 as an ebook. It’s probably a great time for me to try her.

    Have a great week!


    1. I like the character Kinsey Milhone…she kind of reminds me of the characters in cozy mysteries. Very down-to-earth, and the reader gets to visualize her in her digs, in her relationships, and doing her “detecting.”

      Thanks for visiting, Yvonne, and enjoy your week.


  6. Quite a varied mix of books coming through your blog. Brownie fix sounds especially interesting. I’ve had four children and count myself very lucky to have never felt like I was going through post partum depression. Must be awful, takes away from the enjoyment of baby-hood/motherhood interaction.

    Well, have a great reading week, and Happy Turkey day if you do Turkey day. If not, happy Reading Week! 🙂


    1. With my first child, I had a smidgen of the depression, but nothing like the horrific cases we hear about. With me, though, there were other depressing things going on at the same time, so that contributed. Luckily, it passed in a few weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mardel, and enjoy your holiday!


    1. Oh, I wonder about that, too, Kaye! And since she usually takes a couple of years between books, I worry that she won’t finish! Hopefully she’ll be one of those people who lives to be 100!

      Thanks for stopping by…and enjoy your week.


    1. Yes, it does, doesn’t it? I usually am drawn to these “disturbing” books, though; probably a side effect of the work I did for thirty-some

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathy, and enjoy your week! I love Kinsey Millhone, too!


  7. I didn’t know Sue Grafton’s “V” book was released. Must make a visit to the bookstore. I think I read most of them, however, like you, I may have missed one here and there.


    1. I would have missed it, but saw it on someone’s blog! I’m so glad that I am a blogger or I’d miss lots of books! My budget might like that, though…lol

      Thanks for visiting, Gigi Ann, and enjoy your week.


  8. I am glad I read you review of Sisters. I have read 2 frustrating books in the last weeks and that’s enough. Too many books, too little time. I am waiting to hear what you think about 2nd Nature.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!!
    Have a great week!!


  9. I am curious about Second Nature. I was all set to buy it and then saw many unfavorable reviews for it so I am curious to see what you think of it. I am off to read your review on The Sisters. Have a great holiday and great week!


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