Weekends usually find me scrambling about, hoping to finish the “assigned” reading for the week, while still participating in blog events and even writing the occasional original post.

Is this what my life has come to, then?

Oh, and I also forgot to mention the writing that I still need to finish.  Yes, the drafts are pretty much complete.  They’ve been edited, tweaked, polished…and sent out to readers.

But right now I’m rereading Interior Designs (again!), which is the most “ready” of the two WIPs.  I regularly post excerpts at Snow Chronicles and update my progress at Creative Moments.

Every time I read this work, I can feel the character’s emotional exploration…and I think this is probably a good thing.

We all want our characters (whether in books we read or books we write) to feel like real people.  Three dimensional people with all the quirks, foibles, and even deep-seated flaws of those we encounter in our daily lives.

Right now, I’m just about finished with a book I’m reading called The Sisters, by Nancy Jensen.  A saga-like tale of a long-ago great misunderstanding and the consequences that unfold for decades.

As I read through each page, I am wishing and hoping for some kind of reconciliation; an explanation from one character to another that will give us the closure (and redemption) that we need.

I don’t know if that will happen, but I can’t wait to find out.

What are you reading, writing, or blogging about today?  Come on by and share those thoughts….





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