As the weekend approaches, I am once again reminded of how wonderful the weeks are for me these days.

Back in my old workaday world, weeks were something to trudge through, moving toward the weekend.

Nowadays I’m just as excited about Monday as I am Friday.

Sometimes the days seem to blur together, and the next thing I know, it’s the weekend.

Finding joy and creativity in each day is a gift.  A hard-earned reward, perhaps, for all the years of trudging.

Not to put down the trudging years.  Those life moments gave me a lot of material to write about.  And now my days give me the time to turn those moments into creations.

I’m just about finished with two WIPs, which I’ve mentioned in my writing blogs.  On Snow Chronicles, I have excerpted from each of them, as well as from my published works.

At Creative Moments, I have separate pages for each of my published novels.  There I also document my writing challenges.

Interior Designs will be published first, since it has already gone through several Beta reads and I’ve tweaked and polished it until it is now shrieking for mercy.

My MC sprang from one of my published books, Embrace the Whirlwind, in which she portrays a rather manipulative character named Martha Scott Cummings.  As I thought about this character afterwards, I realized that there had to be more to her story.  So ID is an exploration of what made that character who she was and offers the opportunity for her to reinvent herself.

In Defining Moments, which will come out in the spring of 2012 (hopefully), my MC, Jillian McAvoy, is a writer/blogger who loses her way in the World of the Web.

She is unlike any character in my other books.  In some ways, she reminds me of my own obsession with blogging and social networking, taken to an extreme, and some days, as I travel the web, I think about what could happen if….

I like to write about people in situations that are familiar to me, but whose lives take them out on a limb or two.  Even if they veer dramatically away from the paths I’ve traveled, there are similarities that I hope will make readers connect to them.

Reading several books a week is another gift in my new life.  Sometimes I read mysteries, while at other times, I am drawn to the books about people in troubled relationships, or families caught up in one or another tragedy.  Dysfunction calls to me.

Right now I’m reading a book set in the sixties about a troubled child whose mother is in prison, and how the only family available to him (aside from strangers) is comprised of a motley crew of quirky individuals living in Humboldt County, California.  My cup of tea!

Wrecker, by Summer Wood, is the abandoned child for whom life turns around in most unexpected ways. It’s June of 1965 when Wrecker enters the world. The war is raging in Vietnam, San Francisco is tripping toward flower power, and Lisa Fay, Wrecker’s birth mother, is knocked nearly sideways by life as a single parent in a city she can barely manage to navigate on her own. Three years later, she’s in prison, and Wrecker is left to bounce around in the system before he’s shipped off to live with distant relatives in the wilds of Humboldt County, California. When he arrives he’s scared and angry, exploding at the least thing, and quick to flee. Wrecker is the story of this boy and the motley group of isolated eccentrics who come together to raise him and become a family along the way.

What kinds of things do you enjoy during the week, as well as on the weekend?  What books do you enjoy most?


    1. Thanks, Athira….I am having a lot of fun writing them, since I’m not alone like I was when writing the first five books. The online community has been so helpful….and it certainly offers the opportunity to rant a bit.

      Glad you could stop by.


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