Good morning, and welcome to my Interior World.  Today I’m pondering bookish things.

Over at Curl up and Read, I’m celebrating my Two-Year Blogoversary.  I started that blog to document my journey through my TBR stacks—which were huge!—and I’m here to tell you that progress has been made.

If you’re only looking at those Old TBRs!  But I have a whole new set of problems in the New TBRs.  They aren’t as extensive as the old ones were, though.  And the blog enables me to keep track.

I have pages for Books Read, Books Purchased, Review Books, etc.

That blog is also where I track my progress on my challenges.  So it is a handy site.  Check it out, and if you’re so inclined, participate in the giveaway.

This week, I’ve been taking advantage of the coolish mornings to sit in my new reading corner.  I’m on my fourth book, and hope to finish it today.  Of course, I haven’t done much of anything else….

Do you have weeks like that? When time flies and you can only point to one or two accomplishments?  I guess I’m not multi-tasking enough!

I got up late this morning (for me!).  5:30.  And that’s because I watched both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, even though I knew I could watch them later (DVR).

So now I’m going to move away from the computer for awhile and into my reading corner.  Later I might even celebrate with a mimosa.

Here’s a little Halloween moment for you….

Creative Spookiness


Laurel-Rain Snow Creations

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