Grab Some Coffee and Let's Chat!

With October half over, my thoughts are scrambling ahead to the upcoming holidays.

First Halloween, of course; then Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I’m not ready for these events!  But I do enjoy them.  Perhaps my reluctance for their coming has more to do with what comes afterwards.  The New Year and then tax time.

Worry and Frustration Rob Our Days of Joy

I don’t know anyone who likes tax time, and I’m no exception.  I dread it with the same kind of angst that many dread anything that takes away that sense of control.  Because, no matter what we try to do to grab some kind of control, the ultimate power lies outside us.

Knowing what to expect and being prepared helps a bit.  But there’s always something that can blindside us.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, because “worrying” or pondering what we cannot change just grabs the joy right out of today.  So I’m going to try to enjoy the weekend; plan a little something special to bring pleasure; and continue reading a delightful book about small town life in Minnesota, called The Tall Pine Polka.

I’ve been sitting in my new reading corner, enjoying the breeze through the open window, and sipping coffee…and then a mimosa.

Reading Corner by the Window

Of course, Minnie Mouse has to go elsewhere when I sit here.

Here’s the view of the reading corner with my “curl up and read” loveseat.

Later today, I’m picking up Noah for the weekend.  Maybe we’ll go to a pumpkin patch and snap some photos while he checks out the pumpkins.

What are you planning for the weekend?  Anything special?  Whatever you do, enjoy yourself…and try not to think about tax time!

Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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