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Sometimes our “interior thoughts” are about deep, philosophical issues.  An exploration, if you will, as exemplified by my character in Interior Designs.

I like the play on words in that title, since the character is an interior designer, but is digging into what makes her tick.

I do that, too, but sometimes I also like to just focus on the interior world that is my home.

Yesterday I wrote on Thursday Potpourri about my quest for bookshelves.

Sadly, my Old TBR stacks were housed on this barbecue cart and a step stool shelf that once showcased dolls.

Former Home for TBRs


After I went out to the gym yesterday, followed by some reading time at Barnes & Noble, I found this shelf at Cost Plus (World Market).  I love this store, since the items are fairly inexpensive and they assemble them, usually within the day.

So last night, I removed the barbecue cart (relegated to the garage!) and replaced it with this shelf.  When I read the books, I’ll arrange them on this shelf alphabetically as “read.”

Yay! New Shelf!


As you can see, the shelves will hold more than the TBRs that currently reside there.

What interior designs do you enjoy creating (or recreating)?  Do you sometimes find new ways to redesign your space, just because you love doing it?


2 thoughts on “PLUMBING THE INTERIORS — SEPT. 30

    • Thanks, Laura. I do try to rearrange what I already have, but sometimes I have to get something new.

      I have various decorations that go into a closet and come out for special occasions. Like…time to bring out the Halloween stuff.


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