One of the main things we learn in this journey of life is that change is inevitable.  Sometimes change feels like the only thing we can count on.

But that doesn’t mean that we embrace change, or even accept it.  Sometimes we flail around, beating our chests and protesting.  I know that’s what I do sometimes.

Facebook has done it again.  Yes, fixed something that wasn’t broken.  At least that’s how we feel about it.

In the past few days, we’ve seen our news feed morph into something resembling a ticker tape…and because it’s different, we’re having trouble navigating.

I’m as frustrated as anyone else.  But I guess that somewhere someone thought it was a good idea.  I wonder why?

The networked blogs page is unrecognizable, too.  Cramped up and difficult to even access.  I tried to change the picture on one of my blogs, and that didn’t work, either.

Okay…heavy sigh.  Now what?  Well, perhaps they’ll leave it alone for awhile?  At least I’m still able to find my friends and change my profile photo.  I’m even able to still post links, although the update section looks quite different, too.

Anyone else have any thoughts on these changes?  Or on change in general?  Please stop by and share your interior thoughts.


  1. I feel better that I’m not the only one who’s annoyed. I gave up on Networked Blogs a while ago. FB keep changing how they would display my blog posts in the newsfeed and then they started combining multiple unrelated blogs in one post and mine would get buried. So now I post manually … more work but more control. And now the unfriendly newfeed remodel, well, it made me set up a google+ account.


    • Yes, generally I do like to have more control. Sometimes they would post so quickly that I hadn’t even had a chance to review the post…and then I’d have to delete the one they posted and repost a new one! Thanks for stopping by, Leslie. I’m curious about the google + account and how that works.


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