What if you looked around one day at the accouterments of the “perfect life” you were leading, and literally couldn’t breathe? What if the dreams you had and the people you love feel more like “gadgets” in your world, until you scarcely notice them? What if you feel invisible?

Successful New York lawyer Emily Aulenbach experiences all of these feelings one Friday, and acting on impulse, she leaves her office, goes home long enough to grab a few possessions, and takes off. Where will she go? Her path suddenly leads her to a place she left ten years before—Bell Valley, a small New Hampshire town that is a place of quiet peace. Surrounded by woods that seemingly beckon, along with a coyote’s call, Emily believes she can find her center again here.

Old friends are there, as well as those she hurt when she left abruptly years before. But soon she is caught up in finding that inner core that once directed her, and deciding how to rearrange the pieces of her life.

But she just can’t disappear. She still has to deal with those she left behind in New York, like the husband she loves. He, too, is immersed in that techno world and he is hurt by her actions. Will the two of them reconnect? Will they rediscover what drew them to one another? And will something that happens in Bell Valley help them do just that?

Yes, the themes feel familiar, but with the twist of texting instead of talking and computers instead of face time, we get to watch this couple as they weed through the extraneous layers of their lives to find out what they want. A new and exciting case in Bell Valley reminds them of what they once loved and helps them put the pieces together to form a new version of their lives.

I enjoyed Escape from the beginning to the end. In some ways, the character of Emily felt too predictable in the way she dealt with an old love and how quickly she found her center in this town. But the book earned four stars from me.




  1. It’s been a long time since I read a Barbara Delinsky book. I’ve seen this one around but this is the first review I’ve read of it. I like that it explores the techno world and how it affects relationships.


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