Molly Ringwald was one of those iconic eighties stars who was seen in many of the John Hughes films and was dubbed, along with a few of her costars in these productions as well as some others, as part of the “brat pack.” She had a signature style that was “copied” in some of her movies, like Pretty in Pink. She shopped vintage and layered a lot. Sort of an “Annie Hall for the Younger Set.”

Then we didn’t see her for a few years, except in less well-known movies. She moved to France for awhile. Then she was married with a child and back in LA, after a period in Manhattan. Now she stars as a mom to teens on an ABC Family network series. Full circle.

In her book that seems like an advice book—and it does cover numerous topics like fashion, workouts, etc.—she converses with the reader about the things that no longer work in our lives as we get older. But then she also shares tidbits about friendship, how she met her current husband, and what she learned while living in France.

These snippets I enjoyed. It felt like a sneak peek into her real (vs. celebrity) life, without discounting the celebrity aspect. She felt like the girl-next-door who came to visit for awhile.

If I look at the book as just that, a conversation with intriguing little tidbits, it is enjoyable. The advice didn’t really do much for me, but then again, I’m much older than her target audience, which I would say is forty-something.

So I enjoyed the style, with the conversations; the little sidebar cartoons and tips were fun; but none of it was really relevant for my life. I am someone from her mother’s generation, so I did feel a maternal connection to her and her stories.

I would not recommend this to anyone who is seeking really significant advice or expecting a full-on celebrity memoir. If you don’t mind the “tidbits” approach, you might enjoy Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family, and Finding the Perfect Lipstick. You could also love it if you are a big fan and want to read it for the memories. For me it earned three stars.



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