When stay-at-home mom Beverly Mael and her husband Eric change roles, their lives seem topsy turvy. Completely out of balance. Eric does well as Mr. Mom, but he constantly works on his computer, trying to develop software that can protect cyber systems. But occasionally, his prankster side takes him onto slippery slopes.

Beverly’s new job at the bank is as the receptionist, but she soon attracts her boss Frank’s attention with her ability to spot problems with balance sheets and numbers, and earns a promotion. She also finds herself developing a growing attraction for Frank.

A funny, sometimes frightening journey takes Bev and Eric down unexpected roads as they struggle to find a new balance. What will Eric do in order to make a splash in the cyber world? Will his prankster antics get him in trouble or will he attract the right kind of attention? And will Beverly succumb to Frank’s charms, or will she discover inner strengths she wasn’t sure she had?

The characters in Out of Balance felt like real people. So much so that I had an emotional reaction to them. I didn’t like Frank’s behavior at times, with his constant use of the term “babe” when addressing Bev. And Eric’s pranks made me want to smack him upside the head at times. Beverly’s very real and human reactions to these men made her into someone I wanted to see succeed. Definitely a five star read.