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I received no books this week.  However, I did download my eagerly anticipated copy of The Bird Sisters, by Rebecca Rasmussen.

Rasmussen’s debut novel begins like a typical coming-of-age story, but reveals itself to be a singular portrayal of familial sacrifice and loss. As elderly women, sisters Twiss and Milly live alone in the house where they grew up in Spring Green, Wis. They spend their days tending to injured birds and roaming their land, lost in memories. For Milly, there is the constant reminder of what could have been. Twiss spent her childhood happily trailing behind their golf-pro father, but Milly dreamed about a family and children that never happened. There was hope for a young Milly, until an accident strips their father of his golfing abilities and sets in motion a series of events that rips apart the already unstable family. Dad retreats to the barn, and mom bemoans her choice to marry for love, leaving behind her wealthy family; a cousin who was thought to be a friend becomes an unexpected rival; and the sisters are left with only each other. As young women, and as old ones, they learn that their relationship is rewarding, but not without consequence. Achingly authentic and almost completely character driven, the story of the sisters depicts the endlessly binding ties of family. (Apr.)



This has been a great week.

Here are some blog posts I enjoyed:

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Saturday Snapshot – Favorites

Books Read & Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.  Manic, by Terri Cheney

2.  Life After Forty, by Dora Heldt

3.  Night Road, by Kristin Hannah

Ongoing Read: (Just Finished!)

Ten Beach Road, by Wendy Wax (Just posted my review and Q & A…click the title for the post).

What’s Up Next?

1.  Old Loves Die Hard, by Lauren Carr

In this sequel to It’s Murder, My Son, Mac Faraday is settling nicely into his new life at Spencer Manor when his ex-wife Christine shows up—and she wants him back!  Before Mac can send her packing, Christine and her estranged lover are murdered in Mac’s private penthouse suite at Spencer Inn….

2.   Friday’s Daughter, by Patricia Sprinkle

A contemporary novel of sisterhood, the South, and matters of the heart.

3.  The Tapestry of Love, by Rosy Thornton

A warm and uplifting story of how a woman falls in love with a place and its people: a landscape, a community and a fragile way of life. A rural idyll: that’s what Catherine is seeking when she sells her house in England and moves to a tiny hamlet in the Cévennes mountains. With her divorce in the past and her children grown, she is free to make a new start, and her dream is to set up in business as a seamstress. But this is a harsh and lonely place when you’re no longer just here on holiday. There is French bureaucracy to contend with, not to mention the mountain weather, and the reserve of her neighbours, including the intriguing Patrick Castagnol. And that’s before the arrival of Catherine’s sister, Bryony…

4.  Domestic Pleasures, by Beth Gutcheon

If Rosamunde Pilcher lived in 1980s Manhattan, she might come up with a romantic novel like this one. A large cast of characters is involved in various sorts of relationships; at the center are illustrator Martha Forbes and lawyer Charlie Leveque. Following the death of her ex-husband, Raymond, in a plane crash, Martha is dismayed to learn that Charlie, the lawyer who handled Raymond’s hostile divorce proceedings, is now in charge of the estate. Although the two have little in common–except broken marriages and one teenager apiece–they’re forced to work together. Gradually, the superficial barriers between them fall and they find themselves in love–and beset by other problems….

So that’s my week!  What are the rest of you up to this week?  I hope you stop by and share.


  1. Morning Laurel-Rain,

    I loved The Tapestry of Love.

    I am looking forward to Ten Beach Road, so will be back for the Q&A and review. I enjoyed Magnolia Wednesdays.

    Off to check out Friday’s Daughter

    Enjoy your reading week



  2. I’m excited about reading THE BIRD SISTERS too. It’s been a long time since I read a book by Beth Gutcheon. I know I read several of hers many years back. Not that one though.


  3. notjustlaura

    Hi Laurel – thanks for visiting me again. I do like the look of The Bird Sisters in your list – the synopsis reminded me of Toni Morrison, for some reason.

    The high-brow books on my list are for a University course I’m thinking of taking – I don’t think I’d have chosen them on my own!


  4. You have a nice variety of books to get you through this week 🙂 The Bird Sisters sounds like an interesting read as well. I like books that discuss the difficulties in relationships.

    Thank you for stopping by!


  5. I hope you enjoy The Bird Sisters… it was fabulous. And speaking of birds, I see you have a book with a cute little bluebird on the cover. I’ll have to check that one out!


  6. I purchased a hard copy of The Bird Sisters. If I love a book cover sometimes I have to buy the hard copy instead of the e-book. Friday’s Daughter looks like a book I might like. It’s a new to me title so I am off to add it to my wish list. I hope you enjoy all your new reads.


    1. I’m loving it so far, Beth…and I know what you mean about wanting the print book. I, too, love having the covers to look at. I am almost buried in books here, though…LOL

      Shelf space is just about used up….


  7. Added Friday’s Daughter to my wish list and The Tapestry of Love is shouting at me from my TBR pile and I vow to get at it next month. Ten Beach Road is on my wish list too!


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