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This week, I received four books.  One e-book; one review book; and two books purchased from Amazon.



1.  Ten Beach Road, by Wendy Wax (review book)

2.   Once Upon a Time There Was You, by Elizabeth Berg

3.   I’ll Walk Alone, by Mary Higgins Clark

4.   The Uncoupling (e-book), by Meg Wolitzer






This past week, I’ve enjoyed my reading very much.  And today, I’ve written a couple of blog posts that I’d like to share.

Sunday Salon

Sunday Potpourri – Book Treasures


Books Read & Reviewed-Click Titles for Reviews:

1.   Mothers & Daughters, by Rae Meadows

2.   Pictures of You, by Caroline Leavitt

3.   Sing You Home, by Jodi Picoult



My Hollywood, by Mona Simpson


Every Secret Thing, by Laura Lippman


1.  Magical Thinking, by Augusten Burroughs – (from my TBR pile)

A collection of “true” short stories from the author of Running with Scissors, etc.

2.  Waiting for Spring, by R. J. Keller (Amazon Vine)

A recently divorced woman trudges out of one small, Maine town and into an even smaller one, hoping to escape her pain. Instead she finds herself surrounded by people who are trudging on, just like her. Waiting for things to get better. Waiting for spring. Waiting For Spring takes readers beyond the lighthouses and rocky beaches tourists visit and drops them instead into a rural Maine town that is filled with displaced factory workers who struggle with poverty and loss, yet push onward with stubbornness and humor….

3.  Manic, by Terri Cheney (from my TBR stacks)

“Cheney brilliantly brings us along on her haunting and riveting journey of bipolar disorder. …MANIC is extremely powerful.” (Andy Behrman, author of Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania )

“[a] gritty, vibrant, memoir brings this chaotic frenzy to life…through disaster and despair to end in hope. ” (Peter C Whybrow MD author A Mood Apart )

4.   Down Came the Rain, by Brooke Shields (TBR piles)

The actress shares her experience with postpartum depression after the birth of her first child.


In glancing over my list and the book descriptions, I am in for a week of turbulent emotional upheaval, varying from bipolar disorder to severe depression.  At the very least, the characters I join this week will be struggling….

How did this happen?  I was seemingly drawn to these books.

What are your book choices this week?  I hope you’ll stop by and share….and maybe cheer me up!


  1. I guess because you’re a social worker you’re drawn to characters and stories with a lot of emotional upheaval. They can be draining but reflective at the same time, know what I mean? Enjoy your books!


    1. You’re probably right about that…it’s a familiar kind of drama, isn’t it?

      But I do enjoy the weeks with uplifting books, too. I should probably mix them up better…LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, Laura.


    1. A-ha…I was just thinking that same thing, Shirley. Last week I had several books that felt good…and this week, several “downers.”

      Next week I should integrate them better…LOL

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Down Came the Rain and Manic are ones I’d be interested in reading too, I like the tough, emotionally draining read as long as it’s mixed in with something light and fun. I’ve got Sing You Home coming up soon. Have a great week and happy reading 🙂


    1. Yes, I probably should have put together a mix with some light reads, although, surprisingly, there’s a light twist to Augusten Burroughs’ short story collection, so I’m good…I think.

      Thanks for stopping by, Teddyree.


    1. I have had this book for awhile, Diane, but I was reminded of it again the other night when ET, or one of those shows, was replaying clips from that horrible Tom Cruise interview with Matt Lauer, in which Tom says terrible things about Brooke Shields’s use of medication for postpartum.

      I gather that the two of them have “made up” since then, but I’m sure that’s probably due more to her strengths than his…

      Thanks for stopping by, Diane.


    1. I will be posting a Q & A with Wendy Wax some time between April 20-May 20. I’m very excited about her new book, too, Kathy. I also am thrilled to have The Uncoupling, as well. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Mary, I get so excited when I receive these delicious new books…and then, unless they’re review books, like Ten Beach Road, I have to wait awhile to dive in….Ooh, the angst! LOL

      Thanks for stopping by, and hope you enjoy your week, too.


  3. Hi Laurel-Rain

    Congrats on being chosen on Sheila’s meme last week!
    I am looking forward to the new Wendy Wax which is due here in May 🙂

    enjoy ur reading week



  4. kaye

    Ten Beach Road certainly captured my attention. I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on the book. Have a great week and happy reading.


  5. I’m looking forward to reading THE UNCOUPLING as well. I’ve got the new Mary Higgins Clark on my Kindle. She is amazing – a new book every year. Enjoy!


  6. Have you read Mary Higgins Clark before? I see you have her book I’ll Walk Alone in your received pile. I really enjoy her daughter’s books too. She puts a little humour in hers and they’re a little cozier by comparison. Enjoy your reads!


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