It’s that time again!  Time to share about the books we’ve bought or received, and the books we’ve read last week and plan to read this week.

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This week I bought two books, a print book and an e-book.

1.  My Passion for Design, by Barbra Streisand…I’ve had my eye on this one ever since she appeared on Oprah to talk about this fabulous journey designing her gorgeous homes, filled with lots of pictures.

On Amazon, I read this blurb:

A lavishly illustrated personal tour of the great star’s homes and collections.

For nearly five decades Barbra Streisand has been one of the singular figures in American entertainment. From the cabaret to the Broadway stage, from television and film stardom to her acclaimed work as a director, from the recording studio to the concert hall, she has demonstrated that the extraordinary voice that launched her career was only one of her remarkable gifts.

Now, in her first book, Barbra Streisand reveals another aspect of her talent: the taste and style that have inspired her beautiful homes and collections. My Passion for Design focuses on the architecture and construction of her newest homes, the dream refuge that she has longed for since the days when she shared a small Brooklyn apartment with her mother, brother, and grandparents….

2.  These Things Hidden (an e-book), by Heather Gudenkauf

A tantalizing blurb from Amazon:

Gudenkauf’s scintillating second suspense novel (after The Weight of Silence) opens with the release of 21-year-old Allison Glenn from prison, where she has served five years for an unspecified but particularly horrible crime. Allison is reluctant to enter a halfway house in her hometown of Linden Falls, Iowa, where “even a heroin-addicted prostitute arrested for armed robbery and murder would get more compassion than I ever will….”

I can’t wait to dive into these!



My reading and blogging week has sped by, and some of my thoughts can be found in these blog posts:




My Reading Week:  Books Read & Reviewed – Click Titles for Review:

1.  Where Angels Fear, by Sunny Frazier

2.  The Blue Bistro, by Elin Hilderbrand

3.  Lancelot’s Lady (e-book), by Cherish D’Angelo

4.  The Enchanted Barn (e-book), by Grace Livingston Hill

Now…What’s Up Next?

1.  The Long Road Home, by Mary Alice Monroe

Amazon Snippet:

Her husband’s suicide left Nora MacKenzie alone, and his shady Wall Street dealings left the Manhattan socialite penniless. By a miracle she’s held on to their mountainside farm—and she’ll keep holding on, no matter what. The property is Nora’s one chance to wring some dignity out of the sham she’s been living.

The Vermont locals think she’s a city girl on a nature kick, but she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. Nora’s serious about learning the farming business…if she can figure out where to begin. Against the locals’ skepticism, she has only one ally: Charles “C.W.” Walker.

C.W. is hardworking, gentle with the animals and a patient teacher of the hundreds of chores Nora needs to learn. Slowly she starts to believe she’ll survive in her new life, even flourish. She might even be willing to open her heart again. But she won’t return to a life of lies…and the truth about C.W. may be more than Nora’s fragile heart can bear….

2.  Married:  A Fine Predicament, by Anne Roiphe (On my TBR Stacks!)

A Blurb on Amazon:

Readers disgusted by sugarcoated, mushy sentiments will welcome this latest installment from the prolific Roiphe (Up the Sandbox; Fruitful). Neither antiromantic nor hopelessly giddy, Roiphe’s book takes an honest look at what happens after couples say “I do,” and asks why the institution has survived at all….

3.  Ladybird, by Grace Livingston Hill (a library book)

A tale of hardship, abuse, and an escape to a better life.

4.  My Passion for Design, by Barbra Streisand

A lavish exploration of the star’s homes and the journey toward their completion.  Gorgeous photos!


So that’s my week in review.  Hope you’ll stop by and share your own experiences.


    1. I’ve always enjoyed photo spreads of Streisand’s homes over the years, beginning with her home that she dubbed “the ranch” that was featured in In Style magazine (back when they used to do pages and pages of celebrity homes instead of so many fashion pages).

      With Streisand’s current book, she shows and describes her Malibu compound, which has several houses: a barn (that’s a home); a main house; and assorted other ones, including one she calls “grandma’s house.” Fascinating.

      Bet you can tell I’m excited about this one, Leslie. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. kaye

    OOh, love Mary Alice Monroe – hope you enjoy all your new books. you got a wonderful MM this week. Have a great week and happy Valentine’s Day!


    1. Oh, me too, Book Girl. She has a true gift for design…I’ve seen some of her other homes via photos in magazines, and she has a knack with details. Some might say she’s a “perfectionist,” but that’s what makes it fun to look at her homes.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    1. You too, Nise, and thanks for stopping by. I wish I enjoyed audio, but then again, when would I listen? I only occasionally go on long road trips these days. When I used to commute, that would have worked.

      I couldn’t listen while cleaning because that would mean I have to clean! LOL


    1. It’s strange the little details I recall about Ladybird, like where her mother stashed the “woolen” bag and the items inside it. I think I’m enjoying this one (so far) more than The Enchanted Barn from last week, which surprised me. I had remembered loving that one. But I read it in a poorly put-together e-book. I loved Crimson Roses, too.

      Thanks for stopping by, Bev.


  2. The week to come has some great reads piled up for you. “The LOng Road Home” and “Married” both sound like something I would really enjoy.

    Following you on twitter and via email so I can come back for the reviews


  3. You have so many great ones coming up to read!! I want to read them all.

    Now please tell me- which blog do you post your reviews on?
    I seem to miss them and don’t want to!! Help! 😀


    1. Oh, dear…I post on all of them, trying to match the review books to my blogs…the best way to find my reviews is to click the links on the Monday post (or the Sunday Salon).

      Sorry about that, Staci….thanks for stopping by.

      Also, they show up on Facebook, since all of my blogs are networked there.


  4. lissijo

    Hmm, Married looks like an interesting book! I love sociology-ish books, so I might have to check that out. Your blog looks great; thanks for stopping by mine!


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