For Laci:  A Mother’s Story of Love, Loss, and Justice, by Sharon Rocha, is a heart-wrenching tale of a mother’s most painful times after her daughter and grandson are murdered—by the one person none of them would have suspected, her husband.

We read about Laci’s childhood, her wonderfully vibrant personality, and how she met the love of her life — Scott Peterson. Behind closed doors, what went on in this family that would turn the beautiful fairytale story into a tragic nightmare?

There is little in the book to reveal the clues to that tale—others conclude that the truth lay somewhere in the psyche of a sociopath, a charming young man whose goal in life was to satisfy his own needs.

This story seems near to my heart, since I once lived in the community where all of this took place, and even attended the community college there (Modesto, CA).

Another book that lends another aspect to the mysterious events is the story told by Amber Frey, Scott Peterson’s mistress, in Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson.

Even after several years, this story of what can go wrong in a picture-book life holds fascination for many. Do we read the titillating tales because we want to stave off misfortune in our own lives?

Whatever our reasons, these questions linger. And the pain of the loss for people like Laci’s mother will never be assuaged.

I gave this one five stars.



  1. Such a wretched crime. I suppose that doesn’t even do it justice, not really. Violent crimes perpetrated on loved ones, especially BY loved ones, I would imagine to be the most horrific thing to live through. Thanks for posting the review, Laurel-Rain. I had no idea Laci’s mother had written a book.


    • Kimberly, I had forgotten that I’d read and reviewed this book on Amazon (before I was posting these reviews on my blogs), but then a customer commented on this review today. That reminded me again of this story.

      It is horrifying enough that this crime was committed by her supposedly beloved husband, but having it happen in a community where I had lived…it felt too close for comfort.

      Rocha’s book was unputdownable.


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