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Good morning, and welcome to Musing Mondays, hosted by Should Be Reading.

Every week, we ponder a question.  Today’s Question:

Do you prefer deep, intellectual, “meaty” books… or light, “fluffy” books? Why? Give us an example of your preferred type of book.

I actually love both, but I have to mix them up.  Although when I was younger, I read Dostoevsky during one long, hot summer.  It was an obsession, like reading Tolstoy.  I called it my “Russian Novel Period.”

Then I went through a Joyce Carol Oates stage.

But after my lengthy years in school, and once I’d finished my master’s degree, I turned to lighter books.  For awhile, I would read nothing but fluffy.

Nowadays, though, I like to intermingle my tales, with literary fiction, mysteries, contemporary fiction, and chick lit peppering my days and nights.  Just to keep things interesting.

What about the rest of you?  What do you enjoy?


16 thoughts on “MUSING MONDAYS — MEATY OR FLUFFY? — JAN. 17

    • I know what you mean, Cheryl…I mostly read those “heavier” books when in school; the more time I spent in school, the more I wanted “light” reading in my “off” time.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I like to flit from one genre to another, depending how I feel. I have read some truely harrowing stories (such as an Nazi camp survivor’s book) at times, but other times I go for the fluffy books.


  2. I like to change it up as well. Love my serious fiction, read almost nothing but last year, but a mix is vital for a good frame of mind for me. Too much “serious” fiction and I start to get depressed. I think that’s the fault of “modern literature” where the best ending you can hope for is ambiguous, but more often than not it feels like doom and gloom. My mix includes some non-fiction, philosophy, romance, and science fiction with my serious literary stuff. 🙂


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