Good morning, and welcome to our Monday Memes, where we gather to share about our books.  Those we’ve received/bought, and those we’ve  read, as well as those we’re planning to read.

We also get to visit lots of blogs and network with other bloggers.

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Just when I thought I wasn’t going to get anything this week, I opened my mailbox to find My Lost Daughter, by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg (a favorite author!).  This book came to me from Book Journey (A contest win).

From Amazon:

In Rosenberg’s entertaining if at times overheated fourth entry in her suspense series featuring Ventura County, Calif., judge Lily Forrester, a direct sequel to 2009’s The Cheater, flashbacks allow readers unfamiliar with the previous book to easily follow the action. Several years earlier, Lily and her daughter, Shana, were raped and their attacker eluded capture. This and subsequent traumas have left Shana in a precarious emotional state. When Shana has a meltdown after her boyfriend dumps her, Lily picks Whitehall, a private psychiatric hospital outside San Francisco, out of a phone book. Without referrals or further investigation, Lily takes her daughter to Whitehall, where Shana voluntarily commits herself. Unfortunately, Whitehall is ruled by a rich, handsome inmate, who’s a sociopathic killer, and a greedy doctor who’ll do anything to land an insured patient. Meanwhile, Lily’s friend FBI special agent Mary Stevens and her partner, Brooks East, investigate suicide clubs in a somewhat more plausible subplot.
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In this meme, we also talk about other events in our week, like our blogging adventures.  Mine this week included:

At Home for the Holidays

Christmas Memories:  A Guest Post

A Bit of Me (Me) – Christmas Tree Lane



Books Read and Reviewed – Click Title for Review:

1) South of Broad, by Pat Conroy

2) Elizabeth, by J. Randy Taraborrelli


What’s Up Next?

1)  Mary Ann in Autumn, by Armistead Maupin

A blurb from Amazon:

Twenty years after leaving her husband and child in San Francisco to pursue a television career in New York City, calamities drive fifty-seven-year-old Mary Ann Singleton to return to the city and her oldest friend as she tries to put her life back together.


2)  Hanna’s Daughters, by Marianne Fredriksson


An Amazon Snippet:

A chronicle of emotional and psychological exploration, this family saga, a bestseller in Fredriksson’s native Sweden and in Germany, is an unerringly perceptive portrait of women in the flux of Scandinavian history.


So that’s it for me…since I spent all week reading just two books, I decided to keep my aim low this week.  If I finish early, I have plenty of books I can grab.

What are you up to this week?  I hope you’ll stop by and share.



    1. Thanks for visiting, Novroz. I’m looking forward to it, too.

      The photo in my background is part of what’s depicted on the header…a place between Berlin and Prague, where my eldest son stayed once. It’s a hotel. Isn’t it unique?


  1. Mary Ann in Autumn sounds like a good read. Hope you enjoy it. I checked out your post on your favorite Christmas memory and enjoyed your it. Mine was always going to pick out our tree and then decorating it. Have a great week.


    1. Thanks, Jan…I love telling about events that changed my life or attitude. Glad you liked the post.

      Oh, picking out the tree is great. I do have some memories of that, too, when my kids were little.

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.


    1. Thanks, Diane…glad you could stop by. I had two hefty books to read last week, so I’m looking forward to reading the shorter ones for a bit.

      I love Nancy Taylor Rosenberg’s books, and can’t wait to read this one.


  2. Two books a week seems like a reasonable goal at this busy time of year. I have never read anything by Pat Conroy but his name came up on another list I follow. I’ll have to check him out. Happy reading!


  3. I received for review The Job by Craig Davis from the author.

    Joe B. enjoys the sweet life as a vice president at a huge conglomerate, Universal Whirligig. But along with the Big Boss’ favor, he has also gained the notice of a bitter human resources manager, Luci Fernandez. Hateful of any success but her own, Luci manages to get him demoted to the mail room! A rollicking comedy of errors follows as Joe B. tries to figure out what’s happened to him, and attempts to get a meeting with the Big Boss. Joe B.’s great expectations have taken a dickens of a twist. His family is forced to make a series of hard adjustments, and he gets only lame comforts from a string of the worst friends anyone could have. Will he finally track down the cause of his frustrations? Or will he only learn a lesson about what it is to be the boss, and that what is apparent is often only a shadow of a greater ongoing good? “The Job: Based on a True Story (I Mean, This is Bound to Have Happened Somewhere) is a modern parable of ancient troubles and truths.


    1. Hi, P. K., I’m excited about My Lost Daughter, too. Thanks for stopping by.

      The blog header (and the backdrop) are from the same photo…taken in a village between Berlin and Prague (on the train route). My son stayed there once.


    2. Hi, P. K.,

      I wanted to comment on your blog, but sometimes your commenting system doesn’t work for me.

      Earlier I found the comment box, but when I pressed submit, it said there was an application error.

      So…anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your books look great and I hope you have a great week.

      My backdrop is a photo my eldest son took of an inn that lies between Berlin and Prague. It’s the blog header and also the backdrop.

      I love it too!



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