Today, our host at Should Be Reading, has asked another question.

Where do you buy/get most of your books?

That’s a good one.  I’ve been trying to keep better track of my reading activities this year, which is why I’ve created some documents to help me with that.  I have one for Books Bought in 2010; and another one for Books Received from Vine/Authors, etc.

I bought 33 books this year, so far.  I buy from Amazon and bookstores, but mostly Amazon.  Just a click away, and all.  Sigh….

I have 57 books received from Amazon Vine and publishers/authors.

Then, I still have 115 left on my original stacks, which date back a few years.  When I started working on those, I had 166.  Which was not the original number!  Those I bought mostly in bookstores over a period of four or five years.

So I’m certainly glad I’m documenting what I’m doing this year, and even though I’m still buying, I’m pleased to report that it’s not as big an issue as it was.

I’ve also returned to library borrowing, but haven’t done that as much lately due to the numbers on my TBR.

What did you discover when answering this question today?  I hope you’ll stop by and share some thoughts.


14 thoughts on “MUSING MONDAYS — SEPT. 13

  1. I keep a notebook and list what I get each week – either from buying or for review or the library. It helps me when I put together my In My Mailbox post each Sunday, but it’s also great for documentation purposes.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  2. haha. my TBR is way too big, if that’s possible:) My hubby gets a little up set because I never come out of the library empty handed and I never seem to have enough time to read all the great books so, sadly a lot of the library books get returned unread.


  3. Ahh, the many upsides to living by yourself:) My husband is an avid reader but unlike me, he reads one book at a time and doesn’t blog about it. He knows I do this and is very supportive but he has no interest in doing so and that’s OK. Have a great day!


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