Like a fine wine, Meryl Streep improves with age. I’ve been watching her movies for years, and when I study her and her characterizations, what I see is that she steps into the characters’ lives and becomes one with them.

In It’s Complicated, she portrays a divorced woman, living on her own for ten years; she has created her own business and is doing just fine, thank you very much!

But on the occasion of her son’s college graduation, with the concomitant family reunion, she and her ex-husband (Alec Baldwin) find themselves at the same bar beforehand and decide to share a meal.

One thing leads to another and they connect again. Their lively and passionate “affair” lasts the weekend, and when she goes home again, she thinks that’s it. But he pursues her. Showing up and sidling into her life all over again. There’s only one problem. He’s married to someone else.

Throughout this movie, we are treated to humor, nostalgia, and a mix of poignant moments that almost leave us wanting these two to reconnect.

But then there’s the appealing architect (Steve Martin), with whom she starts to connect as well.

The dilemma carries us through the film, and in the end, we are left considering the possibilities.

I will enjoy watching this one over and over, just as I have loved every movie in which this wonderful actress has starred.

Five stars alone do not do this movie justice.



  1. I enjoyed this movie and I love, love, love MS. It’s so true how realistic she portrayed each character she took, she was no longer the same MS, but that of the character’s life. Remember her recent movies. — the devil wears Prada, mama Mia, Julie and Julia — each of these movies she was different. She was believable and entertaining at the same time. Oh did I mention I love her?


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