Meet the Joneses. They are the perfect family living in an upscale neighborhood, and they have everything that you might want. From the first moment they descend into their new environment, envy rears its head. Everyone wants what they have.

But underneath the stunning surface, secrets and hidden agendas are just waiting to reveal themselves. Is this family too good to be true?

When a neighborhood tragedy jolts one of them into the real world, what will happen to the perfect life they’ve created?

I was riveted to the screen throughout this film. My expectations were not high for this movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. Demi Moore was perfect as the “plastic” superwoman; David Duchovny was great at revealing glimpses of a real person underneath that perfect exterior; and Lauren Hutton, as super icon, was masterful. And Gary Cole and Glenne Headley reeled me in as the vulnerable wannabes.

You might be surprised at the ending…but then again, anything is possible in this unreal universe.

Four stars for The Joneses…the ending, albeit satisfying, seemed like an unlikely departure from the main theme.


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