A few days ago, I was checking e-mails and blog comments, and imagine my surprise to find an award from Crazy Cat Lady’s Library.

This award comes with some requirements, so here goes.  First, I must list seven random things about myself.  That should be easy…right?

1.  I was a rabble-rouser and protester during the sixties and seventies.

2.  I lived in the Bay Area of California during part of the sixties, and I’ve plumbed that repertoire of experiences for some of my books.

3.  I’m basically a hermit, or so my grown kids think, because I hang out with my books and computer…a lot!

4.  I recall all kinds of useless trivia, and even the dates for things.  Yet I’m not good with numbers!

5.  My favorite vacation is to go to the beach and read; I also love visiting antiques and collectibles shops.

6.  I have way too many books and movies on my shelves and I’m in serious need of more shelves.

7.  My collections, including books and movies, are gradually taking over my space.

Okay…now for the fifteen bloggers:

1.  Wordsmithonia (Ryan)

2.  The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader

3.  Take Me Away

4.  Reading at the Beach

5.  Should Be Reading

6.  Breaking the Spine

7.  At Home With Books

8.  Rundpinne

9.  Layers of Thought

10.  About Happy Books

11.  A Room Without Books is Empty

12.  Book Journey

13.  The Book Inn

14.  51 Stories

15.  The Road Goes Ever Ever On


  1. A very very late thank you – but then I’ve been away and am only very slowly catching up on everything. I really would have liked to stay on Cyprus! I am very honoured and will try and pass on the honours this week. Many thanks – I very much appreciate you thinking of me!


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