The Tradition Began in 1979

As I’ve mentioned in some previous posts, this unusual tradition started back at the end of the seventies.

It was Thanksgiving weekend, and the kids and I had just journeyed home after a rather strange family meal at the old homestead.

That particular event formed the core of a story I later wrote, called Family Values, which you can download for .49.

But aside from all that, the kids and I had crammed ourselves into my old VW bug—which, incidentally, had no working heater—and drove the 80+ miles south to our home in Fresno.

Huddled up in the back seat under blankets (which I had thought to throw into the car before the trip), we laughed and talked and tried whatever we could to forget what had transpired.

When we got home, a friend awaited us, and the next day, he suggested that we all go out to the university, where he had discovered a really cool sculpture.

He then posed us all on the monument and captured the photo you see above.

My eldest son, who is now a photographer—Berlin Photographer, in fact—had already started his own venture into the shutterbug life.  So five years later, he suggested that we recreate the original photo.  And we did.  The “kids” even attempted to mimic the original poses, and brought along the photo for a reference.  They were all a lot taller, but they somehow managed.

Then we vowed to do the same event every five years.  But alas, five years from that point, we called a friend of my son’s into service, and he did take the photo.  But his camera had issues. (This was before digital cameras).  So we didn’t capture the photo that year.  But we did again three years later.

Recreating a Tradition - 1992


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