I just barely got this one in for the week…but I wasn’t expecting to check out any books.

But I had to return my last loot, and in the process, found this book I’ve been hoping to read.

Hosted by Eva, this week, at  The Striped Armchair, we get to share the treasures we discovered in the great public library.

This week, I found The Cheater, by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg.

I’ve read several books by this author, so naturally, I’m looking forward to this one.

Here’s a snippet I found on the Amazon page:

Nancy Taylor Rosenberg has constantly been praised for her intense, dramatic suspense, breathing real life and trouble into her action-packed thrillers. Her fourteen years in law enforcement have always given her novels great authenticity, often pulling inspiration from the very cases she has worked. Now comes The Cheater.
Returning to her most beloved character, Lily Forrester, from the New York Times bestsellers Mitigating Circumstances and Buried Evidence, Rosenberg proves once again that she is a master of the suspense thriller, as Forrester finds herself in yet another mix of bizarre circumstances that lead her onto the trail of a vicious criminal mind. Along the way we meet:
FBI Agent Mary Stevens—She is tracking a killer who murders husbands who are cheating on their wives, their mutilated bodies disposed of in ghastly ways and strange locations.
Bryce Forrester—Lily’s husband—calls her from a Las Vegas jail where he’s been arrested for attempted rape…even though Las Vegas was not on his itinerary.
Anne Bradley—Bryce’s accuser, like Lily, is a woman with an eerie past…an enigmatic figure to whom Lily is strangely drawn.
The trail leads back to a Web service that provides alibis for cheating spouses and into a thick web of deception that puts both Lily’s and Mary’s lives in jeopardy. Do you know where your husband is?
What loot did you score this week?

4 thoughts on “LIBRARY LOOT

    • I know exactly what you mean! I only recently started going to the library, to stop myself from buying more books…but I have lots on my stacks to read, too. Thanks for stopping by, Ghetto Girl.


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