A family pulls up stakes following a tragic accident that left a husband dead and a daughter missing. Suddenly the family home in Ohio seemingly holds too much pain and too many bad memories.

Remaining family members are limping along, like injured parties, broken and crippled by the pain. But Maura Shaw is determined to return to her roots in Rhode Island—a place where her own sister Katherine still lives. Katherine, from whom she has been estranged for many years. A secret betrayal divides them, just as it crushed the final days of Andy and Maura’s marriage before the boat capsize that took his life.

Becca Shaw is a math prodigy who uses numbers and equations as a way to understand life. Unfortunately, her pain is also expressed in negative ways—she retreats, she steals, and she burrows into her secret places. Travis Shaw excels in sports, and despite his own pain, he turns to these pursuits to express his feelings. But he, too, holds secret sorrows within—and feels somehow responsible for maintaining family unity.

Maura Shaw’s new job teaching at Newport Academy is her ticket to starting over. But will the past intrude, preventing a fresh start? And how will she ever find her missing daughter Carrie? Smoothing out the troubled history between Maura and Katherine will be a huge task in and of itself. And at the center of this trouble between the sisters is the key to the final disruption in the Shaw marriage.

Luanne Rice treats us to a family saga that shines a spotlight on all the possible twists and turns of family dynamics, and reveals—very gradually—how the troubles between family members can finally begin to heal.

Told alternately in Becca’s voice and the voice of the third person narrator, we come to learn how things began to spin out of control, and how choices in a summer long ago set in motion a ripple effect—experienced for many years to come.

The Geometry of Sisters is a relaxing read, which has enough uniqueness to set it apart from the usual beach read…But not quite a five-star tale.


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